3 recording solutions to streamline your business

Receiving inbound sales calls and customer enquiries is at the heart of most business ventures. It’s therefore, vital to ensure that every caller receives the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction to ensure they call again in the future. From getting through to the correct person quickly, to feeling valued and supported with professional messaging and voicemail. In this article, we look at 3 recording solutions that can help your business stand out from competitors and streamline your call management and professionalism.

Virtual Receptionist (IVR)

A Virtual Receptionist, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), gives the customer a quick and simple solution to connect to the correct person or department, without the hassle of being transferred from person to person.


Typically, larger organisations with multiple departments or branches, would use a Virtual Receptionist; allowing callers to select the option that they require to connect them to right team. However, start-ups and growing SME businesses are now taking advantage of this, primarily due to the professional introduction message it provides. The experience of listening to a professional voice-artist introduction gives your business an edge over the competition!

Example message:

“To help us direct you to the correct person, please choose from the following options. For sales, please press 1. For customer support, press 2. For finance, press 3.”

Telecoms World offer an Award-winning IVR service with professional introduction message and 10 department options for all business sizes.

Professional Voice Recordings

When calling a business, its safe to say that we would all prefer to be greeted by a clear and friendly voice informing you of opening hours, department options and other information. Attempting to listen to a mumbling voice with bad quality can not only be frustrating to the caller, but can also steer them towards your competitors.

Various businesses use voice recording artists for radio, television, and promotional messages to enhance their brand and promote a clear message to their target audience. Professional Voice Recordings provide the perfect first impression to callers, using male and female artists to create bespoke voice messaging to suit your specific needs.


Often partnered with a Virtual Receptionist service, there are 6 key voice recordings that can streamline your business including welcome message, department options, out of hours, voicemail, queue messages and position announcements. For more information, read our ‘6 essential voice recordings for business phone systems blog article.

Telecoms World recorded messages can be tailored to your business needs including music, tone & length of audio. Welcome messages, keypad options, on-hold messages, various languages, and level of enthusiasm can all be discussed with your submitted script.

Call Recording

Recording business calls has two primary benefits – developing employees and increasing customer satisfaction (therefore increasing sales calls). Employees are often considered to be the most important aspect to your business. Your colleagues are the driving force in increasing sales, maintaining customer satisfaction, and developing business growth. By recording and listening back through business calls, you can see exactly how your employees operate and respond to customers, allowing you to focus on the exact area of training required to improve your sales and customer service teams.


Once you have identified and responded to these areas of development, you can build enhanced engagement with your customers. This not only benefits your organisation through exiting sales and customer communication, but also boosts cross-selling opportunities for increased sales. Customers will feel they are benefitting from additional products and services while your business revenue increases.

Telecoms World Call Recording uses a secure and easy-to-use online management portal to search recordings by a range of parameters including dialled number, callers' number, date, and time.

Telecoms World provide several recording services available for all business types and sizes. For more information on how we can help you, contact our team of experts on 0800 774 7772.

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