4 reasons why you should join a business partnership

When it comes to forming an alliance with another business, it is natural to question the legitimacy of the partnership offer, and whether the benefits created on both sides are worth the effort. However, the simple fact is that partnerships offer a win, win for both parties involved, and one side cannot benefit without the other. In this article, we discuss 4 reasons why business partnerships are worth investing your time in.


1. Generate additional business revenue and rewards

The primary incentive for joining a partnership with another organisation is to increase your business revenue. Partnerships create an additional source of income by promoting each other’s brand online, sharing connections, knowledge, and experiences. Many businesses offer their own commission and rewards packages for every business referral created by the other.

For example, Telecoms World offer a £50 account credit reward for customers who refer a business that successfully onboards with us. This instant referral incentive helps us support more businesses with phone lines, mobile, broadband, and phone systems with limited effort from our customers, plus a ‘thank you’ reward for their time.

2. Broaden your customer base and business connections

Another key benefit to forming a business partnership is expanding your customer base. With both organisations using their own customer lists to promote their services, sharing information about partnered businesses to customers can be hugely beneficial to both parties.

For example, imagine you are a business providing a range of office supplies and stationery. Your returning customers will naturally be drawn to you as their trusted source for kitting out their office space. In discussions with them, you understand that their brand new setup requires a superfast, Business Broadband connection. Partnering with Telecoms World (for example) allows you to refer this customer to us for their connectivity requirements, whilst receiving regular commission for the referral. In turn, Telecoms World will do the same, sending start-up business contacts your way for their stationary requirements. Customers from both sides will be happy in the knowledge that they are receiving quality referrals from a trusted supplier.


3. Enhance your social publicity and brand image

As well as organic business referrals, your business can also benefit from an increase in social presence. With two businesses working together to spread the word, it’s important to utilise social media as much as possible. Social platforms such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are fantastic for boosting your brand image, and tagging your partners in social posts could more than double your social reach.

Using the relevant hashtags and tagging partnered businesses not only promotes your partnership and each other’s service offering, but also builds relationships with your partnered business and its customers. For example, let’s say your energy switching business is partnered with Telecoms World and we notice that our customers are responding well to our blog post on cost-saving tips for the new year. As a Telecoms World partner, we can use this information to create a secondary post on further ways to save on business costs and tag your business to promote a simple way to switch energy supplier.

However, it doesn’t have to stop there. Many organisations go one step further and share guest blog posts on each other’s websites to truly push both service offerings. Partnerships can be as simple or in-depth as you want, and it’s always worth asking your partner whether they would be happy to write an article for your business - just be sure to return the favour!

4. Share and receive industry knowledge and experiences

Every business out there has its own experiences and expertise. It is extremely difficult and highly unlikely to find a business that shares your level of knowledge when you are both operating in separate industries. That's when partnerships really come in handy. Sharing your own specialist knowledge on your products and services helps partners to understand and share this with their customer base, enabling your business to provide useful information to support your customers in other areas.

For example, becoming a Telecoms World Affiliate Partner allows your customers to benefit from a range of award-winning voice and data solutions including lines and calls, connectivity, phone systems, inbound solutions, mobile and lead generation.


“We partnered with Telecoms World in order to supply their range of excellent call management solutions to our base of clients. Too often we were asked about call queuing, freephone numbers and phone system services. Now we can accommodate any telephony needs with the support from Telecoms World. This has truly been a superb business opportunity for our business, with pleased clients and a very good recurring payment to ourselves for referring the business.” - C. Bartlett- Solution Cloud

Adding Inbound Numbers to your telecoms portfolio

Becoming an Inbound Reseller with Telecoms World creates a fantastic opportunity for your existing telecoms business to add our numbers and call management solutions to your portfolio. This enables you to join a large network of channel partners and drive additional revenue via innovative call management.

Our call management platform can be tailored to your specific company branding and applied to take ownership of inbound numbers, call routing, recording, analytics, and upgrade features. This enables you to provide an additional, hassle-free service, whilst remaining responsible for customer management including first line support and billing.

For more information on our Instant Referral, Affiliate, or Inbound Partnership initiatives, please contact our team of experts on 0800 774 7772.

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