A brief guide to VoIP & Cloud PBX

The replacement and upgrade of dated telephone systems has been in high demand in recent times, not only to continue business operations during the Coronavirus pandemic, but also to future-proof business communications. With many businesses and their employees working from home more regularly, we wanted to provide a brief guide on how VoIP and Cloud PBX phone systems can help your business thrive.

What is the difference between VoIP and Cloud PBX?

Hosted telephony (also referred to as cloud telephony or hosted VoIP) is a business phone system which is hosted in the cloud with online access. Users can make and receive calls using a variety of internet-enabled devices including desk phones, desktop computers, laptops, and smart phones.

Cloud PBX Phone Systems are completely browser-based; meaning real-time updates are automatic and the system has an everlasting lifespan. A Cloud PBX telephone system is the next-generation replacement to traditional phone systems using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology. WebRTC is a secure, 2-way communication feature, connecting directly between a web browser and the contact centre agent. This is used for online chat, messaging, calls file sharing, conference call and video.


Key VoIP applications

Soft Client – allows employees to effectively manage their incoming/outgoing calls and instant message colleagues from anywhere using their mobile device or desktop plugin. Staff calls can be monitored and recorded by management to stay in complete control.

CRM Integration – provides useful marketing data to increase service targeting and allows for easy management and communication between employees and their clients. Build customer relationships by immediately accessing client data as and when they call.

Call Queuing – provides callers with department options and messages whilst they wait in a queue, helping to reduce the loss of valuable business calls. Review call queue handling to increase productivity and reflect a strong return on investment.

Call Reporting – a simple-to-use online portal providing additional management level control and real-time wallboard analytics to manage calls from any internet-enabled device.

Receptionist Console - offers you the control to prioritise calls, manage queues, monitor availability and handle wait times through your VoIP phone system. Manage business calls across staff, departments, multiple offices, branches, and businesses.

Call Centre - allows agents to be active from any location. Ideal for a business dealing with multiple locations as well as businesses in rapid growth or with changing infrastructures.

Collaborate - use existing devices to reduce operating and telephony costs incurred whilst on the move or in different locations. Features include File Transfer, Call Notify, Contact Centre, Desktop Sharing, Video Calling, Presence, Calls and Messaging.

Key Benefits to VoIP Phone Systems



Key Cloud PBX applications

(Wildix WebRTC*)

Unified Communications – system with multiple functions including File Transfer, SMS, Shared Phonebook, Fax, Contact Centre, Desktop Sharing, Statistics, Video Conference, Mobility, Localisation, Calls and Messaging.

Browser Calling – allows web visitors to chat, video call, activate screen and file sharing with your company agents to help improve customer service and sales.

Video Conference – service guaranteeing the best audio and video quality with no additional hardware or software to install. Invite colleagues or external users to an audio and video or audio-only conference at any time.

System Integration – integrate your Window and Web applications with over 50 software products and web applications available to integrate with the Wildix Unified Communications system.

BYOD Application - Bring You Own Device (BYOD) integrates the corporate telephone system with smartphones and tablets of employees, to manage calls from anywhere.

Monitoring – provides a range of graphs, charts, and call reports to provide valuable information such as numbers called/received, duration and costs of all calls, supporting and refining existing call handling processes.

Handsets - speeds up communication between internal and external users either using the web-based user interface and/or with a range of handsets and headsets with a 5-year warranty on all hardware.

*Wildix is a 100% secure, web-based Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) system provider using WebRTC technology. We are a Gold partner to Wildix, enabling us to provide the most secure telecom solutions for your business.

Key Benefits to Cloud PBX Phone Systems


For more information on VoIP and Cloud PBX Phone Systems and how they can benefit your business communications, contact our team of our experts on 0800 774 7772.

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