Generate premium revenue for your premium services

Having a professional and productive sales force understandably helps develop your business and increases return from new business wins. However, there are many methods in receiving additional revenue that does not sit directly with your sales department.

Your business number can have a dramatic impact in driving new business and gaining additional revenue. We want to dive deeper into the business types that can benefit from rebate numbers, and look at the different types of 084, 087 and 09 Premium Rate Service Numbers that could benefit you.

Accommodate your specific business type

Perhaps you own a business with specific clients engaging with your brand. The public are drawn to your business because you are offering a unique service that is not commonly found anywhere else. This could be specialist business support, one-to-one chat, sporting tipster services or psychic readings. As your service is one of a kind, there are alternative methods in gaining additional revenue. The same can be said for TV and radio voting lines and competitions, charging customers more to text or call with their entry.

Businesses such as these often have highly-engaging marketing strategies to draw in the attention of potential callers. Services are unique enough to encourage people to connect with their brand and continue to do so because they enjoy or benefit from the services provided in return (e.g. winning radio competitions or bets on sporting events). This creates a huge opportunity to further increase profit directly to your brand.


Increase business revenue with a high rebate number

Business numbers with higher rebates are commonly known as ‘Premium Rate Numbers’, charging a higher cost to the caller for your premium rate service. Matched with a marketing campaign that already motivates repeat callers, Premium Rate Numbers can create an out-payment to your business of up to 90% with each call received.

Depending on the Premium Number services you are providing, the exact payments will vary, but generally, the revenue procedure is the same in all cases. Callers will ring your Premium Rate Number and are charged the Premium Rate Number cost from 10p to £3.60 per minute. However, the actual cost of the call will depend on their service provider and if they are calling from a mobile.

At Telecoms World, we provide a range of low, medium, and high 084, 087 and 09 Rebate Numbers suited to your own business requirements, offering higher returns with fast pay-outs compared to regular business numbers. Numbers are low cost to setup and easy to manage, enabling you to fully benefit from an increase in business revenue.

Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA)

Premium Rate Numbers are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) and subject to their Code of Practice. Advertising a Premium Rate Number incorrectly or abusing PSA regulations can result in formal reprimands, barring access to services and fines of up to £250,000 for each breach. Numbers therefore, cannot be made live until the PSA compliance requirements have been completed.

To increase your business revenue and for more information on our Premium Rate Service Numbers, please contact our team of experts on 0800 774 7772.

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