Tips for Starting a Business in 2021

As lockdown restrictions vary across the UK, it will take the country a long time to recover, in all manner of ways. There are glimmers of a “new normal” and an array of new business opportunities have emerged as people learn to adapt to new ways of living.


Launching a business during a global pandemic can appear challenging and daunting, but it is not impossible.

Launching a start-up can be a complicated feat in the best of circumstances, let alone embarking on one during COVID-19. It may seem impossible to pursue entrepreneurship in such uncertain times but doing so might not be such a bad idea. In fact, there are businesses that have thrived during the global pandemic.

When starting a business, it is an idea to utilise any skills or knowledge you already have. Ask yourself what you excel in and recognise how you can leverage your unique expertise into a business. Some initial ideas could be social-media management, coaching, copywriting, interior design, teaching various things such as fitness classes, languages, meal planning, business skills, or tutoring.

Before getting started it is important to ask yourself, "Is there a market for this? Are other people already doing this?" It is actually a good sign if you have competition as it means there are customers already spending in this area.  You do not necessarily want to create something brand new where you need to educate a whole marketplace, find something you can adapt with your own unique selling points.

If you are interested in starting a business for something that people already understand and spending money on, then here are some of our top tips for starting a business in 2021:

  • A strong digital marketing strategy can help bolster your new business through uncertain times. Transparent communication and staying true to your brand online are two key ways to build customer loyalty in the pandemic and beyond.
  • Get to know your customer. What else does your customer need? These days consumers are saturated with messages and options. Ask existing and potential customers for feedback and provide them with a service that sets your business apart from the rest.
  • Why not invest in video marketing? It’s often an overlooked medium, however websites such as YouTube generate huge virality at a low cost. Remember to be both creative and informative, no one wants to watch a video that will put them to sleep.
  • We all love a giveaway. Running a competition through your social media platforms is a great way to increase followers and raise brand awareness. Request a share or retweet for competition entry and gain maximum exposure for your business.
  • Jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of trending topics or stories relatable to your business. Promote valuable information about the services you are providing and provide links back to your website, blog or social media pages.
  • The success of traditional, direct marketing methods is harder to quantify than digital marketing. It is difficult to count the number of people who have seen your adverts, or quantify which method is the most effective and brings the highest ROI. Google Analytics is a vital tool in supplying data for digital marketing. Analytics provide information on how customers are using your site and where you are effectively driving traffic from to your website.
  • Gain further insight by combining Google Analytics with a business phone number. Telecoms World 0800 or 03 Numbers include Smart Call Routing Plus and Call Analytics on some of our tariffs. This market leading tool provides inbound Call Data Records via thorough reports and analysis to really understand where your calls are coming from. Offering a local or freephone number to your customers also encourages more people to call and buy from you.

For more information on Local Marketing Numbers and how they can help you improve your business marketing strategy and increase inbound calls, contact our team of experts on Freephone 0800 774 7772.

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