What is the Best Phone Number for your Business?

When it comes to business benefits, the right phone number could mean the difference between a potential customer calling you or your nearest rival! So, Which one is right for you?

What is the Best Phone Number for your Business?

01/02 Virtual Numbers

Purchasing a local 01 or 02 Virtual Number could be a great for your business. People trust local numbers as they’re familiar and cheap to call and especially useful when seeking a business or service close to home. For instance, if a customer required a plumber they're more likely to contact a business close to home than one in a nearby town.

Local geographic numbers could be ideal for your business if you want to expand beyond your local area, whilst still promoting a local number for callers and allowing you to create a presence in any UK town or city. As our numbers are hosted online we offer the ability to market your business to specified areas by selecting the relevant area code and routing calls to your desired number. This means you instantly expand your market at a very low cost – easy as that!


• Re-route to any landline or mobile so that you to never miss a call

• Low cost calls – our bundles mean you could be paying from £3.99 per month!

• Your number stays with you, even if you relocate

• Callers pay the same as standard landline rates and are often inclusive in free / bundled packages

0800 Numbers

Let’s say you want to reach customers outside of your local area, you might prefer to use an 0800 Number to make you more appealing for callers in other towns and cities. Many larger companies choose to use 0800 Numbers, so it could help you appear instantly larger.

If you really want your business to stand out from the crowd an 0800 Number is a great way of doing so. By making one simple number change, you show your customers that you care about their call. And when you add on automated answering solutions like Interactive Voice Response you give your callers a good experience of your company and one they are likely to share with others.


• More customers are likely to want to ring you more than your competition if you offer free calls from a landline and mobile

• The ability to route your 0800 Number to a land line or mobile of your choice

• Make your business appear larger and more professional

• Use our hosted call management solutions to monitor and control your inbound calls

0844/0845 and 0870/0871 Numbers

Rebate Numbers can be used to provide a low-cost number for your business and can either be used as a main number, a technical helpline or a one-off number for sales promotions, marketing campaigns etc. You can earn rebates on these numbers of between 4p - 8p per minute.

0844/0845 Numbers generate a rebate of 4ppm from each call you receive and is transferred to your account every month. They are non-geographic so you will attract new business from outside of your local area and throughout the UK.

If you provide a premium service you deserve a premium rebate, which is why we offer a range of 0870/0871 Numbers that generate rebates of up to 8ppm on calls received. 0871 Numbers can be used for support lines and information services.

Telecoms World offer the highest rates in the UK of between 4-8p per minute which all goes to you. So a quick calculation of how many minutes you receive to your Rebate Number multiplied by at least 4p per minute, indicates the amount of rebate you could be earning! Maybe you already do receive a rebate on your numbers but do you know how much? We’ve come across many companies earning a rebate but not as much as they could with Telecoms World. One, for example, was happily taking home £600 a month with their current provider but discovered that our rates meant they could be earning £1200 a month by porting their existing number over! These additional funds could increase your company profit to be used in other areas of the business, maybe pay for additional staff, new equipment or purchase more stock.


• Using multiple Rebate Numbers across different marketing campaigns can help you to improve return on investment

• The revenue generated by using an Rebate Number can be used to offset operational expenditure and staffing costs

• Huge choice of memorable Rebate Numbers available

• Use our hosted call management solutions to monitor and control your inbound calls

At Telecoms World we offer thousands of numbers for UK businesses. Our numbers give you an efficient communication platform to provide your customers with the latest in support and call handling technology at a low cost. We also offer a number of hosted call management solutions that allow you to handle inbound calls in a much more efficient and professional manner. Put callers on hold, help them to route their call to the right department or route calls to a mobile when you are out of the office.

If you're looking to make outbound calls, the we offer the UK's most competitive call rates on with FREE line installation on ALL packages until 15th July 2019. Our Business Phone Lines are maintained and supported by Openreach meaning you experience the highest quality of service, with minimal service interruptions. Not only do we offer you the perfect business phone numbers to support your Business Phone Lines, we also offer the perfect way to control and manage your calls with our online portal.

Contact us now to reserve your number today! Call us on 0800 774 7772.

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