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I need my homeworking staff to be able to transfer calls. Is there an alternative solution without the need for a second line or making a note for a colleague to call the client back?

Yes, we provide a network featured called ‘Mid-call Transfer’. This service is typically found on a phone system; however, this is available with a Telecoms World number or service hosted in the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.

When you receive an incoming call, simply use the hash to place the caller on hold, then a digit key to transfer to a colleague. The pre-stored destinations available allow you to select the chosen landline or mobile number you would like to transfer the call to and announce who is on the phone before hanging up to complete the transfer.

Free up and simplify your phone line and eliminate the need for a manual switchboard. Our transfer solution allows you to receive and manage simultaneous calls and transfer to third parties or colleagues on any phone or landline location.

If you require call transferring and would like more information on our ‘Mid-call Transfer’ solution, please contact one of our experts on freephone 0333 733 7773.