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Call Now - Instant CallBack Tool

Our Instant Callback service connects website visitors to your staff within just 15 seconds

Generate up to 50% more leads and Reduce your Cost Per Acquisition
We have over 1000 5 star reviews on trustpilot

Offer your website visitors a free callback!

Increase conversions with Call Me Now callback solution

Increase conversions and reduce Pay-Per-Click ad spend

Engage with more website visitors by offering a free call back

Reduce page abandonment and improve customer experience

Generate more sales with Call Me Now instant call back

Generate more sales by engaging quicker with website visitors

Instantly route incoming calls with Call Me Now free call back

Instantly route incoming calls to mobiles or landlines

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What is an Instant Callback button?

Call Now is an Instant Callback button, designed to increase engagement with website visitors and provide an enhanced customer experience. The innovative application is placed on a company website page in a prominent place, and the visitor has the option to enter their landline or mobile telephone number. Within 15 seconds of the ‘Call Now’ button being clicked, the company telephone agent is connected to the website visitor and queries can be answered instantly.

How does Call Now increase my web sales?

Website visitors arrive at a company website from multiple sources including social media, blogs, video and most commonly organic keyword search or Pay Per Click. The Call Now application increases the number of website visitors that make contact with your staff by up to 70% when using the free callback option. This helps to improve conversion rates, reduce bounce rates and, due to the engagement actions and visitor's time spent on the website, ultimately reduces PPC spend.

Who answers the Call Now Calls?

The Call Now application comes with a feature-rich online dashboard, where sales and supports agents that answer client calls can be configured. A single worker or group of agents can be setup with time and date schedules to suit business requirements. Specific web pages can also be configure to route to particular departments or staff members.

What is the 'Call Me Now' instant callback button?
“Engage with more of your
website visitors by offering
a free instant callback. This
simple appliction connects
calls within 15 seconds”
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Website Popup

The Call Now application is presented on all website pages or selected landing pages

Company Branded

Configure the application to meet your company brand guideline with tools to change logos and colours

Time to Display

The Call Now popup can can be delayed before it shows, or appear instantly to your web visitors
Instant callback button which connects website visitors to your staff

Instant Callback

Website visitors enter their contact number and click ‘Call Now’ for an instant callback (within 15 seconds)

Scheduled Callback

If the web visitor would like a free callback at a later time, they can ‘schedule a callback’ to suit them

Landlines & Mobiles

Visitors type their phone number in the Number field. Calls can be routed to a landlines or mobile

Powerful call features for any size business

Increase Sales using the Call Me Now instant callback button
Increase Sales

Website sales and conversions are increased by up to 70% with Call Now
Each click on the Call Now button is a telephone call, which leads to a conversion
Configure the most skilled sales person to answer calls on specific products or services
Customer questions can be answered immediately, enhancing customer experience
Capture all calls. Answer calls during office hours and schedule callbacks after-hours
Improve Ad Spend using the Call Me Now instant callback button
Improve Ad Spend


A click attributed to the Call Now button can be setup as a conversion, improving CPC
The application can be assigned to all web pages to improve click rates from visitors
Visitor's time on the website is increased with Call Now; reducing page bounce rate
Paid campaigns have a higher quality score from lower bounce rates and high conversions
Conversion tracking gives clear analysis of lead response to the Call Now button
Improve Customer Experience using the Call Me Now instant callback button
Customer Experience

Call Now is a free-to-use and friendly service for web visitors
Websites don’t always answer all questions. Connect with experts in under 15 seconds
86% of website visitors would choose a free call with a specialist rather than submit a form
Call Now places customer experience in front of price and product
Provide your visitors with a free and easy way to chat with you instantly

Some of the key benefits of using the Call Now service

Use the design tool to style the Call Me Now button in minutes
Customisable Popup
Configure the Call Now pop-up to match your website layout, brand guidelines and product pages. Use the design tool in our system to style in minutes
24/7 Call Control
Set Working Hours
Define your open hours and route calls to agents as an instant callback. Or set your out-of-hours and allow visitors to schedule a callback at a set date/time
We dedicated to ensuring that the Call Me Now application is compliant
GDPR Compliant
Our data protection team comprises of senior members of Legal, Data, and Security; dedicated to ensuring that we are compliant
Call Me Now is supported in 35 languages
Call Now is supported in 35 languages. If no region is given or available, we use a default language based on the country code
Call Me Now is designed for rapid deployment
Quick Installation
Call Now is designed for rapid deployment and our simple, 6 step process allows users to run the popup on a website within 30 minutes
Deliver our Call Me Now pop-up to your clients
Affiliate / Reseller Opportunities
Deliver our Call Now pop-up to your clients’ and increase website sales and customer service levels. Offer them an innovative communications tool

How Call Now works . Questions and Answers

How does Call Now compare with a Live Chat service?

Implementing the Call Now instant callback button, means that you never miss the opportunity to directly speak with web visitors that are ready to engage or buy from you. Each callback request is instantly connected to your company as an inbound call, as opposed to visitors typing out their message on a live chat pop-up and waiting for a response. Visitors can also experience seeing a message on live chat that the service is closed, outside of business hours. But, with our instant callback application, visitors can schedule a callback at a convenient time when your business re-opens.

How do I place Call Now on my website?

Placing the Call Now application on your business website is a quick and easy process. Once you have signed up for an account, a small piece unique code is available in the management portal. simply copy the code and paste it in, just before the close </body> tag. It can also be implemented using Google Tag Manager. From within the management portal, you are able to add your company logo and change content and colours of the pop-up; all changes are instantly visible on your website.

Can I easily change the numbers that calls are answered at?

Our online management portal will allow you to control where your calls ring through to and at what time of day. Divert calls by time of day, to specific agents or based on which webpage the visitor has requested a callback. Route calls to any UK Mobile or Landline phone number.

How do I add our Google and Bing conversion tracking code to Call Now?

Easily integrate your PPC Ads tracking into the Call Now admin area to review the number of web visitors gained through paid advertising. Copy and paste your conversion code into the admin area of the management portal to see which Ad the visitor clicked to arrive at your website, their journey through web pages and when they used Call Now instant callback button.

Is Call Recording available with Call Now?

Yes! The online reporting for the Call Now application allows your business to analyse traffic to the website and review incoming calls in real-time. All connected calls are logged with a user's journey through your site, their contact details and a recording of the call, which can be accessed through the online portal.