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Introducing 'The Pocket Landline'

November 27, 2020
TW Marketing
Make and receive business calls from your mobile phone through our feature-rich app

Turn your personal mobile into the complete business phone system with our Pocket Landline solution. Mobile use is increasing across the world, which is reducing the number of calls made across the traditional landline methods. In fact, after 2025 the landline as we know it will become a service that will not have new installations and will be phased out by the entire Openreach network. This is where Pocket Landline takes us into the future and moves those traditional landline 01 and 02 numbers into the cloud with a host of easy-to-use features for making and receiving 'business calls' through your personal mobile phone.

How the Pocket Landline Works

Using your existing mobile phone, an application is downloaded and installed to the handset device. The mobile phone is used in the exact same way as normal, however, when calls are made the user is given the option to call through the mobile phone presenting the personal 07 number or call through the application to present the business landline 01 or 02 number.

Calls that are made by clients or staff to the new business landline number will arrive at the mobile handset. When calls are made out from the mobile phone the new business 01 or 02 number can be presented. This protects the personal mobile number and ensures that clients are called with a consistent landline number that they recognise is the business phone.

(24 Month contract)

For more information on the Pocket Landline solution, call our specialists on 0203 538 7047