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Ever wondered whether your business credentials are exposed on the Dark Web?

We can tell you and help you monitor safely
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Web Gateways are the Ultimate Line of Cyber Defence

With more employees working remotely, it’s becoming harder to secure all that traffic efficiently. Scanning all traffic as it enters your organisation and for potentially sensitive data as it leaves can be a mine-field

The Dark Web is a hidden universe within the “Deep Web”- masked from traditional search engines, such as, Google, BING and Yahoo only search .04% of the surface of the internet. The other 99.96% of the Web comprises of databases, private academic and government networks, as well as the Dark Web. It is estimated that the Dark Web is 550 times larger than the surface Web and growing, hiding a wealth of stolen data and illegal activity, with users operating entirely anonymously.

Web Gateways are the Ultimate Line of Cyber Defence

The Dark Web is going strong, with countless black-market sites and billions of dollars being exchanged via cryptocurrency on a daily basis! A product that is making more and more of an appearance is private data, such as credit card information, login credentials, bank details, etc.

This personal information is readily available from businesses and organisations, and easily accessible with the right amount of hacking skills.

And guess what? It’s your information at stake!

How does this happen? 

If employees use their work e-mail on third party websites, such as those listed below, it makes your business vulnerable to a breach.

  • HR & Payroll
  • Email Services
  • CRM
  • Travel Sites
  • Banking
  • Social Media
How can I protect my business from a data breach on the Dark Web?

We offer a comprehensive Dark Web scan and monitoring service, where we can detect if your company has become compromised.

Dark Web ID focuses on cyber threats that are specific to our clients’ environments and will look at top-level email domains. We monitor over 500 Internet relay chatroom (IRC) channels, 600,000 private Websites, 600 twitter feeds, and execute 10,000 refined queries daily.

The service is designed to help both public and private sector organisations detect and alleviate cyber threats. Dark Web ID examines botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, websites and bulletin boards, Peer to Peer networks, forums, private networks, and other black-market sites 24/7, 365 days a year; identifying stolen credentials and additional personal information.

Although we can’t confirm whether any data that we’ve discovered has been used to exploit your business, the fact that we have identified a data breach should be very concerning.

Attacks on networks around the world may be inevitable, but being proactive in monitoring stolen or compromised data allows you to respond to a threat immediately and prevent a significant breach.

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