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09 Premium Rate Numbers

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Start Earning - Number Ranges from 10p to £3.60 per minute
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What are Premium Rate Numbers?

Premium Rate Numbers are used for diverse services, including competitions and quizzes, adult entertainment, chat services, mobile games, TV voting, and gambling. To class, a number a ‘Premium Rate’, the cost to callers must be charged at 10p per minute or above. Service Charge and Access Charges are available across the ranges of 08 and 09 numbers.

What are the different types of PRS Numbers?

There are numerous types of Premium Rate Numbers beginning in 09, 084, 087, and alternative mobile voice and text short-codes often for TV and radio competitions. You can also use each type of number for services such as Psychic, Tipster and Support hotlines.

Why should I use a Premium Rate Number for my business?

Premium Rate Numbers can generate considerable revenue for your business as they are high rebate numbers charging 10p per minute or above. Premium Rate Numbers will create an out-payment to your business for each call received.

What is a 09 premium rate number?
"Our exclusive 09 Premium Rate Numbers are available with up to 90% of the rebate going to your business. Let me help you choose your perfect number and advise you on how to get your service up and running."
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Get paid whenever somebody calls your 090 Premium Rate Number

09 Premium Rate Number for Sporting Tipster Lines
Sporting Tipster Lines
If you operate a tipster line, our simple and effective premium rate phone services can help you promote your tips and generate revenue.
Quick and easy to set up your 09 premium rate number for tipster lines.
Monitor call analytics of all inbound calls to your tipster line.
Multiple callers can be supported on the line at the same time.
09 Premium Rate Number for Competition Lines
Competition Lines
Run competition phone lines and earn a rebate from the calls. Pose questions to callers with a range of possible answers for them to choose from.
Quick and efficient set-up of our 09 premium numbers for competition lines.
Customise your own competition questions and answers.
Handle thousands of calls per hour from callers entering competitions.
09 Premium Rate Number for Support Lines
Support Lines
Offer professional phone services, such as technical and IT support for a range of businesses and generate additional revenue for your expertise.
Revenue generated can be used to offset against operational and staffing costs.
Get paid for customers accessing your expertise and service.
If you provide a premium service, then you should earn a premium rebate
09 Premium Rate Number for Chat Lines
Chat Lines
Chat line services allow people to easily communicate with one another or your operators by calling your Premium Rate Number.
Generate revenue to support the premium rate chat line operatives.
Be your own boss, work from home and control your own income
Range of features that are self-manageable for chat lines from the online portal
09 Premium Rate Number for Psychic Reading Lines
Psychic Reading Lines
Record horoscope readings or offer live 1-2-1 psychic chats. Connect your callers to experienced telephone personnel for their psychic readings.
Online call management features for professional Tarot and Psychic readers.
Spiritual services are some of the most popular Premium Rate services.
Psychic reading lines are a great way to quickly and easily increase income.
09 Premium Rate Number for TV Voting Lines
TV Voting Lines
Callers can support their favourite (or least favourite) contestant (i.e. singer/dancer/skater etc.) with a simple phone vote to your 09 Number.
We provide full details of how to manage your voting line service.
Customise your welcome and thank-you-for-voting messages.
Callers can vote via their keypad, keeping the service highly efficient.

Why businesses choose our 09 Premium Numbers

09 Numbers are non-geographic to help you will attract callers across the UK
Increase Call Volume

09 Numbers are non-geographic to help you will attract callers from outside of your local area and throughout the UK

Use real-time call statistics to review incoming call logs to your 09 Premium Number
Real-Time Call Stats

Use real-time call statistics to review incoming call logs, the success of different campaigns and monitor call handling with real-time data.

Control all 09 Numbers through our online call management
24/7 Call Management

Control all 09 Numbers through our online call management, with functions to set where and when calls are answered.

09 Numbers are easy to re-target to an alternative landline
Keep Your Number

You won’t have to update your telephone details every time you relocate. 09 Numbers are easy to re-target to an alternative landline.

Earn significant additional revenue from 09 Numbers
Generate A Rebate

Earn significant revenue from your 09 Numbers. Calls are charged at between 10p and £1.50 p/call with up to 90% paid to you.

The revenue generated by using an 09 Number can be used to offset operational expenditure
Save On Costs

The revenue generated using a 09 Number can be used to offset operational expenditure and staffing costs across your business.

Offering you a better deal than other leading providers on our 09 Premium Number ranges
We're Business Only

We are a B2B only communications provider. Offering you a better deal than other leading providers on our 09 Premium Number ranges.

Your Account Manager will support your account and 09 Premium Numbers
Account Management

With Telecoms World, you are assigned an Account Manager to support your account and Premium Rate Numbers.

Activate your PRS numbers in 3 simple steps

09 Premium Rate Number for Chat Lines

List your premium rate service and new number(s) on the PSA website to meet usage guidelines and launch the service.

09 Premium Rate Number for Chat Lines

Provide our team details on the landline or mobile target number. This ensures we meet regulation and monitor live call activity.

09 Premium Rate Number for Chat Lines

Calls to PRS numbers require welcome audio to announce the service and costs of the call. Submit a sample of the .mp3 or .wav.

Premium Rate 09 Numbers . Questions and Answers

How much can I charge and how much do I get for an 09 Number?

Telecoms World now offers a range of 09 Premium Rate Numbers with a pence-per-minute (ppm) option, where call revenues are paid per minute.

Can I route 09 Number calls to my Mobile Phone?

Yes. All 09 Premium Numbers can be routed to any UK Landline or UK Mobile phone through our online call management portal.

How do I get an 09 Number?

09 Premium Numbers are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) and subject to their Code of Practice. Numbers cannot be activated until the PSA compliance requirements have been completed.

Our team are on hand to help talk through your proposed service to make sure you know the current regulations and support you through the process with PSA to get your 09 Premium Number live as quickly as possible.

Please view the Phone-paid Services Authority website regarding the regulations in owning an 09 Premium Rate Number. For further information or if you would like to buy an 09 Number, please email the sales team or call 0800 043 0800 for full details.

How am I paid for 09 Numbers?

Depending upon the services you are providing your 09 Premium Number for, the exact payments will vary but generally, the revenue procedure is the same in all cases. Callers will ring your Premium Rate Number and are charged the Premium Rate Number cost. However, the call's actual cost will depend on their service provider and if they are calling from a mobile. Each minute of the call, or part thereof, generates revenue for you, which is then credited to your Telecoms World account.

What are Ofcom regulations when using 090 Numbers?

Ofcom regulations have made things clearer for the consumer when calling 09 Premium Rate Numbers. The costs are broken into two parts - the service charge and the access charge.

  • The service charge is the rate you have chosen for callers to pay when calling the 09 Premium Rate Number. It is charged per pence or minute.

  • The access charge is an additional rate set by the caller’s phone service provider and will vary from service provider to service provider.

You are obligated to display these service charges alongside your number wherever you use it, such as on your website or marketing materials.

Ofcom recommends using the following format:

"Calls cost x pence per minute (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

If you charge per call, rather than per minute, the recommended format is:

"Calls cost x pence / £x per call (ex. VAT), plus your phone company's access charge."

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09 Premium Rate Numbers