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M-2-M (machine-to-machine) is where “machines” use network resources to communicate with remote application devices and infrastructure to either monitor or even control another “machine” or its surrounding environment. The potential interconnection of smart objects and how we interact with the environment is what the Internet of Things is envisioned to be; where the physical world will merge with the digital world. It is predicted that someday, connected robots will have the ability to learn from each other and work in teams to increase efficiency and solve scientific problems!

With modern machines increasingly containing computers and other electronic devices for storing large amounts of information, there is a need for these machines to have better connectivity and sharing capacity with all physical devices and objects around them. Basically, a machine can be anything with electrical, mechanical, environmental as well as electronic properties. All kinds of modern machines that we use at our home and workplace, such as storage tanks, television sets, refrigerators, etc., are a few common examples of Machine 2 Machine communication.

How could these emerging technologies benefit you?

Another example is sensors installed inside equipment that can monitor if any parts have exceeded their designed thresholds and automatically send reports to owners and manufacturers. Council or maintenance services can be alerted if street lights or traffic lights fail to schedule repairs immediately for the safety of the public. And smart thermostats in the home use sensors, real-time weather forecasts, and the actual activity in your home during the day to reduce your monthly energy usage by up to 30%. Keeping you more comfortable and offering to save you money on your utility bills.

Regardless of how well you understand M2M technology and its potential benefits for your business, technology continues to evolve and becomes readily available. You will notice how processes become more efficient and life more comfortable.

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