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Enhance Your Business Phone System

Bolt On solutions to improve sales and customer experience

Voice, Text and Email from a single web-based system
Advanced integration with your CRM platform
A.I learning and speech recognition functionality
Advanced call reporting across multiple channels
Turbo charge your staff with live call recording
Phone systems handle more than just phone calls!
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What are Phone System Bolt Ons?

Phone System Bolt Ons seamlessly integrate with business phone systems, enhancing communication capabilities to enrich customer experiences and optimise overall interactions. The goal is to cultivate lasting relationships with existing customers and attract new prospects, seamlessly converting them into satisfied customers using a range of communication channels.

How do I improve customer interactions?

Modern tech including A.I. allows you to choose different modules which suit your business needs. For example, Your customer can contact you through phone, SMS or email which you view on one screen/platform. With dynamic call back if you are busy or engaged you can offer the caller a choice of times for a callback which automatically calls your staff and the customer at the chosen time. Call priority, it is common for 20% of your clients to give you 80% of your business. Give those customers priority with enhanced caller recognition and have your customer's details pop up with their previous interactions and client information.

How can Phone System Bolt Ons grow my business?

All the solutions outlined improve customer retention and increase sales. We can add customer surveys, call recording and customer sentiment analysis if this will give you a competitive advantage. In addition, the simple fact staff can handle SMS voice, email, social interaction from one screen, saves time, enhances productivity, and increases sales!

Phone System Bolt Ons
"We are incredibly proud of the latest range of Intelligent Solutions which offer radical operational enhancements to evolve your business communications. We utilise new technology to power up phone systems with limitless functionality and cost-saving benefits."
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Bolt On features for business Phone Systems

New technology can reduce cost with better outcomes

Whether you have desk-based agents, home workers and/or mobile workers and looking to reduce your investment in expensive call centre technology, our Bolt On Solutions allow you to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer experience. Because our solutions are cloud-based, it allows staff to be active from any location which is ideal for a business dealing with multiple locations or growing teams, departments or sites.

Solutions that improve customer retention and increase sales by design

Enhanced Customer Experience
Enhanced Customer Experience
Turn your phone system into a truly dynamic customer retention tool
Intelligent Solutions are ideal for rapid business growth
Allow customers to choose how they interact with you at all times
Cross platform intelligence to identify new and existing customers
Cost-effective solutions that support your staff to improve customer service
Intelligence and Automation
Intelligence and Automation
Limitless functionality and system integration layered over any existing phone system
Machine learning across voice, messaging and social engagement platforms
Customer prioritisation and automated engagement to increase sales
Intelligent sentiment and tone analysis across voice and text engagements
Interactions resolved first time using seamless AI to human transitions
Omni-channel Communication
Omni-channel Communication
Power-up staff with voice, messaging, chat and social engagement from one platform
Give customers a choice, ensuring every channel is available and connected
Single view of the customer across departments, channels and enquiries
Drive productivity with quality interactions within an intelligent user interface
Conversational analytics with full history and knowledge base at user and manager level
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Beyond the limits of traditional communications platforms

The features, functionality and benefits of our Intelligent Solutions are a huge advance in the way businesses handle sales and support enquiries. The use of multi-channel interactions across voice, chat, emails and social is developing a new age in customer experience. We have reached a new stage in communication, driven by A.I and the evolution of modern technology.

Sam Diamond - Projects Director

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Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Streamline processes, increase sales conversations and reduce talk time with our conversational AI and omnichannel integration.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction with improved interactions led by multi-channel conversations and a quick view of historic engagements.

Limitless Functionality

Limitless Functionality

Exceptional staff performance and outstanding customer experience from one platform that offers integration, automation and insight.

Telecoms World

Bolt On Solutions enhance your business with these benefits

Turn One Worker into Three
Turn One Worker into Three

Employees can handle multi-task at one time by utilising voice, SMS and email on one platform

Overlay Any Phone System
Overlay Any Phone System

There requirement to change your current phone set  we can overlay onto any system Intelligent

Intelligent Automated Chat
Intelligent Automated Chat

 Use the latest technology to  answer some of your common enquiries so freeing up staff time

Customer Identification and Gratitude
Customer Identification and Gratitude

Impress customers and show your thanks. Present their name and details on previous interactions

Tone Sentiment with Speech Recognition
Tone Sentiment with Speech Recognition

Use AI to monitor customers, Tone and sentiment, across your contacts to improve your conversions

In-depth Reporting and A.I Learning
In-depth Reporting and A.I Learning

Measure and improve your interactions with insight into clients, agents and automated processes

Call Recording - Choose who and when to record

Award-winning call solutions to streamline processes and help business to grow. Our secure business Call Recording services offer flexibility, reliability, easy implementation and are extremely cost-effective.

At Telecoms World we offer reliable and innovative software and services which are designed to improve your business performance; record an unlimited amount of inbound and outbound calls and search for audio files online with ease.

Capture audio files to store in the cloud or download Record incoming and outgoing calls from all devices Filter through audio files using the search and export tools PCI Compliance features to remove sensitive caller data with additional live call listening, whisper, and interrupt opt-ins.

Telecoms World
Telecoms World

Call Reporting - Wallboards and Power BI

Award-Winning call reporting solutions with live feeds to online platforms including Wallboards and Power BI

Call Data Records (CDRs) are gathered in real-time, from when an external landline or mobile phone number reaches a number within the business phone system. From this stage, the time to answer and initial call durations begin.

All call information is captured, often used for end-of-day call reporting or live wallboards. The advancements in cloud data storage and web services allow the collated CDR files to be visualised in data views using third-party platforms including the latest Power BI.


CRM Integration - Over 100 connections available

Companies of any size are constantly searching for new ways to improve their internal and external communication to streamline sales and customer services.

Implementing CRM software into your systems is the right step in that direction. It helps better track all interactions with customers, prospects, and partners. Also, it supports a customer-centric approach giving you full access to any information related to all clients from a single place.

When your CRM is integrated with your cloud phone system, you have easier access to all customer data. That means you can track all interactions with customers, whether they are through voice calls, emails, or social media channels.

Telecoms World
Telecoms World

Speech Recognition - Live audio to text capture

This is using the latest AI technology to identify key customer sales points so this can be used across all your customer-facing employees to improve retention and sales.

By understanding speech-based signals such as pitch, tone, pace, and silence. Our solution can monitor customer and staff emotions, sentiment, energy and speed to enhance staff performance and sales effectiveness.

AI is slowly becoming a valuable tool for business growth and voice technology is a quick and simple stepping stone into a world of information gathering and automated intelligence. Train your systems to understand good calls, bad calls and words that flag alerts.


Omni Channel - WhatsApp, Social, Email, SMS...

Empower staff with multiple communication channels from a single online interface. A single member of staff can engage with your clients across calls, chat, email, social... the list goes on!

Utilising advancements in technology allows businesses to deliver a higher quality of service, refine processes and influence sales growth. The key development in communication services is omni "all; of all things" which is delivered using a range of call, chat, message and social channels; all managed from within a single engagement platform.

Become a leading-edge organisation and embrace omni-channel to ensure that clients can interact with you with any chosen method at any time of the day.

Telecoms World
Telecoms World

Automated Live Chat - Get the conversation started

AI Bots are is the real deal when it comes to customer service. We know that AI won't ever replace conversing with another human, but it can be a smart choice for automated first-line support and self-service capabilities.

Our bot delivers thousands of high-quality automated conversations simultaneously. Unlike regular chatbots and AI assistants. Automation can be deployed across multiple channels, giving you a major competitive edge; SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messages-you name it!

24/7 Support that never sleeps Keep your customers' experience running at all hours of the day. Provide helpful suggestions, services, and advice with minimal human interaction. Not only will it boost your profits, but it'll also strengthen customer loyalty. It’s a win-win!


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