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Avanti Travel Insurance

Avanti Travel Insurance specialise in travel insurance for the over 50s and those with pre-existing medical conditions

We have over 1000 5 star reviews on trustpilot
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Founded in 1996, Avanti pride themselves in offering trustworthy, reliable travel insurance. They specialise in travel insurance for the over 50s and those with pre-existing medical conditions with tailored travel insurance policies built around each individual’s circumstances.  They market themselves across various medias including TV, website, printed brochures, flyers and adverts, and online ads.

The Challenge

Avanti Travel Insurance want to monitor the success of the various advertising campaigns they are running. They require a solution where they can manage and measure calls to a variety of consecutive phone numbers and identify the campaigns that are successful and makes changes to any that are not performing.

Telecoms World supply Avanti with multiple inbound numbers for them to use across various marketing campaigns. Alongside our Call Analytics platform, Avanti are able to have complete insight to their incoming calls from a single interface and can easily review the impact of different advertising across the UK. By analysing which marketing campaigns were driving more response and engaging potential customers, allows them to re-focus their marketing budget accordingly. Avanti have instant access to spot trends and gain a better understanding to marketing response from a single promotion to a UK wide campaign.

Telecoms World are able to provide Avanti with a range of phone numbers with a consistent format, with just the last few numbers being different, along with the Call Analytics hosted solution. They now have the ability to log-in and view calls from any device at 24/7, enabling Avanti to instantly assess their marketing budget and spend much more effectively to increase sales.

Customer Requirements:
  • Review call performance easily online
  • Range of consecutive phone numbers
  • Manage a variety of inbound numbers efficiently
  • Spot trends and gain insight to marketing response in real-time
Solution Components:
  • Memorable phone numbers with a consistent format
  • A variety of inbound numbers to use for different locations / campaigns
  • Call Analytics data available to export excel or csv to review and compare

"Call Analytics has given Avanti up-to-date call information in an easily digestible format. This enables their marketing team to drive improvements and highlight potential areas for development in their marketing campaigns, thanks to the promptness and accuracy of data".
Neil Barrall. Director at Telecoms World Plc