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Award-Winning Call Solutions

Rather than replacing your comms setup, we enhanced it. Introducing our range of Call Solutions.

Easy-To-Use, Resilient And Highly Reliable Inbound Call Handling Solutions

Call Routing

Web-based call management allows you to configure where and when your incoming calls are answered. Divert calls to any landline or mobile phone. We have developed an intelligent call routing dashboard that enables you to capture all of your calls from anywhere, on any device, 24/7.

Call forwarding to any landline or mobile phone
Control calls from any device; PC, Tablet or Smartphone
No telecoms or IT expertise needed with our simple and intuitive interface
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Virtual Receptionist

The Virtual Receptionist (also known as an IVR or Interactive Voice Response) connects your callers to the right person as quickly as possible, eliminating multiple diverts or extended waiting times. Professional recordings by voice artists are available to record your greetings and messages; allowing you to set the perfect tone for your business telephony.

Make a great first impression with an IVR answering your calls
Callers interact with pre-recorded voice prompts or listen to promotional messages
Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve efficiency
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Business Call Record

There are various benefits to recording calls and having a call log such as compliance, market monitoring or simply to promote staff training and productivity. Record an unlimited amount of inbound calls which are saved online through our cloud-hosted database. Download individual recordings for review and playback at any time.

Record all incoming calls and then manage from a single interface
Improve staff techniques with Call Record to ensure a positive outcome
Find and extract call recordings from the call log with a few clicks
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Call Analytics

Our best in class, Call Analytics allows you to make quick business decisions in real-time. The Call Analytics platform gives you a complete insight into your business calls from a single interface, to review the success of your marketing campaigns and staff call handling at a glance.

Monitor which campaigns are receiving the greatest response
Target your marketing to these specific areas to guarantee ROI
Try it FREE for 3 months - Only £14.99 per month thereafter
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Call Queuing

In-Cloud Call Queuing allows you to queue up to 500 people simultaneously, listening to music or promotional messages, before being transferred through to an agent. Your callers never get an engaged tone, even if you have limited phone lines. Better call handling will increase productivity and demonstrates a good return on investment.

Never miss a call with our enhanced Call Queuing capabilities
Monitor the status of queues in real time from any device
Demonstrate the value you place on customer service to your callers
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PCI Compliancy

If you process card payments insecurely and do not comply with PCI DSS, then you are facing fines from either your bank or merchant provider of up to 4% of company turnover! We can provide secure, PCI compliant connections for processing PDQ payments or a secure environment over the phone where callers can disclose their bank details with confidence.

Take secure PDQ and phone payments quickly and easily
Instantly eliminate fines from your bank or merchant provider
Our Compliant Cloud is a cost effective service to install, manage and support
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Conference Call Service

Our exclusive Conference Call service is available for up to 10 participants. Choose your own unique number with a personalised welcome message and a dedicated PIN number to access the call. We have an extensive list of non-geographic 08 and 03 Numbers to choose from.

HD (High-Definition) Audio over our Tier 1 network
Record the calls and save time taking minutes
Try it FREE for 2 months - From £29.99 per month thereafter
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Fax to Email

The modern way to fax is by using your E-mail! Fax to Email allows you to receive faxes using an active E-mail account to access documents anywhere from any device. The service offers extra security with all faxed documents stored online; allowing you to work with confidence.

Faxed documents are delivered directly to your E-mail inbox
Remove the worry of your confidential paperwork resting on a machine
Show your commitment to the environment. Instantly remove the power and waste
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Contact Centre

Create a true Contact Centre to support your business at minimal expense. Our system is cloud-based, allowing agents to be active from any location that is ideal for a company dealing with multiple locations and businesses in rapid growth or with changing infrastructures.

Ultimate solution for easy call management of multi-site agents and remote workers
Office-based and homeworker staff have the ability to login to the system at any time
Real-time monitoring of your incoming calls from a single platform
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