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Our Call Whisper message improves your call handling; differentiating between a business call and personal call

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What is Call Whisper?

Using a mobile as your business phone makes it hard to determine if an incoming call is business or personal related. With Call Whisper, upon answering a phone call, an announcement message is whispered in your ear to let you know if the call is business related. This allows you to answer the phone professionally with "Thank you for calling [Company]".

Why Should I use Call Whisper Message?

This is a handy service if you manages business calls on a mobile, have multiple businesses or if you would like to find out more about a caller’s enquiry before you answer it, for example, the whisper could tell you, “this is a new business call” or “this is an accounts enquiry”.

Can I use Multiple Whisper Messages?

The standard Call Whisper message "This is a business call" can be played or custom, recorded files can be uploaded online. Multiple messages can be played based on the number called or option pressed on the keypad. Organisations with multiple brands or subsidiary companies use the Call Whisper to answer and distribute calls to the correct departments efficiently.

Call Whisper Inbound Business Solutions
“ Answer your business calls appropriately with Call Whisper. Let me discuss this great feature and added benefit in more detail "
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Capture incoming business calls anywhere, at anytime

This will set the system to recognise that calls made to your business number will divert to your target number (landline or mobile number) during your operational business hours. Once settings have been configured for your 'in-hours', choose where you would like to divert calls to 'outside of working hours. If your calls are not set to be answered outside working hours then voicemail to email is activated, meaning that calls are captured and opportunities are not missed.

Call Whisper is a quick way to identify a business call on your home phone or personal mobile.

Your mobile becomes your work phone system

A growing number of business owners and sales personnel use their mobile phone to make and receive important business calls. Managing personal and business calls from the same device can be difficult and calls are hard to separate if you don't recognise the calling number. Call Whisper removes the worry and issues of trying to handle important calls correctly; giving your mobile phone a feature generally available on a feature-rich telephone system.

Handle calls on the move - anytime, anywhere

Running from one client meeting to another, visiting a development site, travelling to an exhibition - the list of tasks which keep you away from your desk are ongoing. In order to handle calls when you are out and about, the Call Whisper service helps you manage business calls in a hassle-free way.

Call Whisper Announcement Message

The Key Benefits of using the Call Whisper service

Identify Business Calls with Call Whisper
Identify Business Calls
Call Whisper is a quick way to identify a business call on your home phone or personal mobile. Ensure that you handle your business call with care at all times
Answer Calls Professionally with Call Whisper
Answer Calls Professionally
The announcement message is your instant guide that the call is important - answer with "Thank you for calling [Company]" and set a great impression
Promote Multiple Numbers with Call Whisper
Promote Multiple Numbers
Advance your marketing and further your brand with a range of numbers across promotional medias, you can also set up numbers for specific towns/cities
Tailor you phone Announcement Message with Call Whisper
Tailor the Announcement Message
Our voice artists are on-hand to record bespoke messages for your numbers. Identify that the calls are for business and where the call has come from
A simple way to win more business with Call Whisper
A Simple Way to Win More Business
Improving your call answering is a great way to start the conversation. Set a great first impression of your company and stand out from your competitors
Suitable for any type of number with Call Whisper
Suitable For Any Type of Number
Call Whisper can be applied to any geographic 01/02 Number or non-geographic 08/03 Number. Choose a business number which best suits your callers

Call Whisper. Questions and Answers

What is business Call Whisper?

When you receive an incoming call, the Telecoms World Call Whisper will play an announcement message to you when you answer the call - before you are connected to the caller. The standard Call Whisper message played is "This is a business call", and the call is automatically connected. You can also choose to upload your own message to play before a call is connected. If you have multiple numbers diverted to your mobile for example, for different businesses or locations of your business etc, you can tailor the message to identify where the call is coming from. For example "This is a new car enquiry" or "This is a Manchester office enquiry".

How does Call Whisper work?
  • A call comes in to your mobile.
  • The Call Whisper announcement plays your chosen message to you, whilst the caller continues to hear ringing; until the call is answered.
  • The call is then connected to you so that you can answer appropriately and professionally.
What are the benefits of a Call Whisper Service?
  • Easy to identify which phone number has been dialled
  • Run multiple businesses from a single line and manage which of your businesses is being called
  • Perfect for home and remote workers using a landline or mobile.
  • No extra lines or equipment to rent or buy