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Healthcare RM

It was really important that the process was managed efficiently and effectively.

Healthcare RM
Case Study

Healthcare RM has been delivering successful occupational health and case management solutions to major employers for more than sixteen years. As originators of the integrated healthcare model, they are at the forefront of occupational and personal health risk in the UK. Delivering a full range of occupational and personal risk management options, enabling clients to identify and resolve potential physical and psychological health risks to their employees long before they become a serious problem.

The Challenge

Healthcare RM has experienced rapid growth in recent times with winning new business and acquiring helplines; their call volume increased and the business doubled in size. They have taken on numbers (and the business) from other major healthcare providers and required the increase in calls to be managed effectively. They needed a system to be able to receive higher call volumes and allow callers to select the relevant department and have the option to wait in a queue.

'After a big new business win, it was really important that the process was managed efficiently and effectively. Telecoms World saved us and their support and solutions worked a dream'
Chris Howell - Operations Director, Healthcare RM
Telecoms World Solution

Telecoms World and Healthcare RM have worked closely together to actively meet all requirements and make changes to current procedures to enhance the current systems.
Call Queuing was implemented to allow Healthcare RM to improve customer service and promote marketing messages whilst customers waited to be connected. All products and services are hosted in the cloud online, with access at staff level giving autonomy in their daily roles. This also gives in-depth statistics and the ability to change staffing levels and call queue levels easily for management staff. Call Recording was also introduced due to the nature of HRM’s business. Giving them a cost-effective and easy way to record, store and playback all inbound calls. This enables them to coach employees to improve their performance, implement stringent controls, improve quality of service and stay legally protected. Smart Call Routing enables HRM to capture all of their calls from anywhere, on any device, 24/7. Controlling call destinations based on the time of day and capturing unanswered calls in real-time as well as diverting incoming calls to multiple numbers and managing the number of rings before stepping to the 2nd or 3rd target. This has drastically improved their customer experience. Another key product for HRM was being able to schedule any Number Porting in advance without the customer knowing; especially numbers from AXA Healthcare that they had acquired. This was managed with an exact date set and a seamless switch ensured.


Telecoms World solutions for Healthcare RM are having an immense impact on the daily management of their staff, call centres and phone numbers. New 03 numbers were provided to benefit customers calling in from any phone and existing numbers were ported over seamlessly so as not to cause any disruption to the daily business. This was executed successfully and without affecting any customers calling; calls are now answered much quicker and more efficiently.

Customer Requirements
  • Greater call insight
  • Manage higher call volumes
  • Call Queuing
  • Ease of transferring calls
  • Call Recording
Solution Components
  • Smart Call Routing
  • 03 number range
  • Call Queuing
  • Online portal with remote access
  • Seamless number porting

'We are extremely proud of fulfilling the requirements of Healthcare RM. We have implemented bespoke products that have considerably benefited the way they can run their business but also allowed us to progress and develop ourselves to help current and future clients'
Keith Bird - Head of Sales for Telecoms World Plc

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