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Transport For London

Keeping London Moving with information on all forms of transport including cycle hire, routes, maps, plan a journey, tickets sales, realtime traffic and travel

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There are many different kinds of text-to-speech services but Telecoms World have worked closely with TFL to provide a Freephone 0800 Number with a Textphone service for their deaf or hard of hearing customers. For anyone who already has a Textphone, it will be a small screen and a keyboard on which a message may be typed. Some plug directly into a phone line, making calls by typing on a keypad and taking calls by reading the reply on a screen.

The Challenge

Transport for London (TFL) are the local government organisation responsible for all aspects of London's transport system including Oyster Card, Congestion Zone, Taxi’s, Underground and Overground trains. Currently, more than 31 million journeys are made across their network every day. TFL do all they can to keep the city moving, working and growing and to make life in London better. They required a service which meant that all travel information or support services could be accessible by those who are deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired.

Telecoms World Solution

Around ten million people in the UK are deaf or have a hearing loss and wear a hearing aids, sometimes finding communication more of a challenge. Using a phone can be frustrating or just difficult, so Telecoms World worked with TFL on creating a textphone service which allowed these customers access to the same services and information as everyone else.


The Textphone service for TFL now connects anyone using it with the same information that is available to all travellers. Allowing deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired customers to make calls to TFL and stay up to date on how services are running, obtain general travel information or to have any questions answered. Telecoms World have also provided TFL with a Virtual Receptionist on some of their numbers to allow callers to choose the department they required and ensure they could get through to a relevant member of staff more efficiently.  The Virtual Receptionist was supported with our professional voice recordings to offer clear instuctions on keypad options for other customers and maintain a professional service.

Customer Requirements
  • Text to Speech capability
  • Freephone number
  • Virtual Receptionist
Solution Components
  • Memorable 0800 Number
  • Integration with Textphone service
  • Professionally recorded messages

If you would like to know more about the services we provide for TFL and how we can offer bespoke telecoms solutions for your business,
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