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Manage your remote and lone workers safely and efficiently

Lone working is labelled in many ways and means working in an environment other than the business workplace. This can include working from a home office for employees & contractors and/or working from any other imaginable environment (coffee shop, hotel, on-site, etc.) Although working in an office can mean handing in reports and communicating with colleagues without any delays, is heading to the office necessary? How do you manage staff safety if they’re working at a site on their own?

With the huge choice of ways to stay connected by phone and internet to ensure that speed isn’t an issue, it is becoming more common for businesses to embrace remote workers. The absence of a traditional office environment and hours has increased efficiency and made employees more productive than ever. So being able to manage staff in the office easily and remotely, allowing remote workers to have the ability to log themselves in and out of the system, access files the same as office colleagues and join call groups - deciding when and where their calls are sent, makes managing your team a much simpler process.

Manage efficiency of remote workers

If you are a business dealing with multiple locations and home workers and looking to reduce your investment into expensive technology, Telecoms World has products to allow you to increase productivity whilst also reducing costs across everything you do. For remote workers who need to work from home or on the road, we have the tools to log in to the system and work as if they were in the office. Calls can be routed to a landline or mobile phone so that staff off-site can still take calls and work as part of the team. This also broadens the areas you can employ staff; if commuting to a single place of work isn’t an issue, you can get the right candidate for the job even if they are on the other side of the country!

Ensure the well-being of lone workers

For remote workers who need to visit sites and areas alone, how can you be aware of where they are and manage their safety? We have created many bespoke products to manage various business requirements. We can offer a solution that allows employees to call a specific number and enter their details to indicate where they are at what time. Then once they have finished, they can call up to confirm they have left the location, allowing you to know they have left safely and are on to the next job!


Seamless employee integration
Intelligent call routing
Cloud hosted platform for resilience
Bespoke requirements catered for


Enhance worker safety
Increased productivity
Reduced office overheads
Access to national skilled employees

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