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What is Call Recording?

Our secure business Call Recording services offer flexibility, reliability, easy implementation and are extremely cost-effective. At Telecoms World we offer reliable and innovative software and services which are designed to improve your business performance; record an unlimited amount of inbound and outbound calls with ease.

Why Should I Record Business Calls?

There are various benefits to recording business calls such as compliance, market monitoring or simply to promote staff training and productivity. Recording business calls allows you to improve customer retention, assist staff with customer service training and enhance sales techniques.

How are Calls Recorded?

Once a call is connected, our business Call Recording is automatically activated and can be configured to capture all incoming and outgoing calls. Securely Record any business call, regardless of when the call arrives - during or outside of working hours; There is NO LIMIT to the volume of business calls you can save.

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Recording options to suit your needs

Our secure and easy-to-use online management portal allows recordings to be searched by a range of parameters including dialled number, callers number, date and time. Recordings can be stored for up to six years and downloaded or played from within the system, emailed to a designated address or sent via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to an external server.

Powerful call recording features for any size business

Hosted Cloud Call Recording
Hosted Cloud Recording - The key benefits of Hosted Call Record:
Easy and quick set up compared to traditional call recording systems
Monitor your staff and ensure your customer service is excellent
Have a record of what was said and when with instant retrieval
Comply with important regulations i.e. FSA and PCI DSS compliance
Review and establish why some leads are successful and others aren’t
Inbound Call Recording
Inbound Recording - The key benefits of Inbound Call Record:
Log in to our web portal to review and listen to the differing calls
PCI compliant giving you invaluable safe-guarding and secure recordings
Recording available to remote, mobile and multiple offices/sites calls
Establish trends, areas for improvement and quality control
Improve call handling of employees when used as a training tool
Outbound Call Recording
Outbound Recording - The key benefits of Outbound Call Record:
Calls are captured 24/7 in real-time and available to playback instantly
Manage difficult customers easily by recording their calls
Discover the true ROI of telemarketing by analysing staff calls
Use an outbound call recording service to comply with regulations
Activate / deactivate call recording online, at the touch of a button
VoIP Recording
VoIP Recording - The key benefits of VoIP Call Record:
Record calls from start to finish and even choose to record half-way through
Give your staff access to pause or stop recording during an active call
Record calls across multiple users and hunt groups with online access
Monitor staff performance and gain valuable insight into business calls
HD quality recordings in the best digital format are captures 24/7 in real-time
Mobile Call Recording
Mobile Recording - The key benefits of Mobile Call Record:
Simple to capture employee calls made away from the business premises
Mobile call recording allows you to record calls away from the office
Improve customer service and staff training when recording all business calls
Helping financial organisations to abide by FSA legislation with secure recording
Capture important details of any conversation vital to your organisation
PCI Compliant Call Recording
PCI Compliancy Recording - The key benefits of PCI DSS Call Record:
PCI compliant to ensure you don’t store or archive any sensitive information
Instil trust in your customers about your methods of operation
Callers input card details via their keypad, keeping details hidden from the recording
Sensitive information omitted from stored or archived call recordings
Protect your business from fraud, fines and loss of credibility

Key Benefits of Recording Business Calls

Answer Business Calls Professionally
Multi-Site Management

Recording business calls from clients can be managed from a single interface, regardless of the branch or site office that the call is answered

Enhance Inbound Caller Satisfaction
Resolve Disputes Quickly

Find and extract all business call recordings from the call log with just a few clicks and then easily download recording to an email

Safe And Secure Disaster Recovery Platform
Demonstrate Compliance

Record business calls securely and follow guidelines to comply with financial and security certificates; for PCI DSS with stop/start functionality

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is key to growing your business. Improve staff techniques by recording business calls to ensure a positive outcome

Improve Agent Performance

Download and playback recordings to monitor agent call handling, measure and improve by recording business calls to refer back to

Capture Every Vital Business Call
Multiple Numbers

Business call recording is secure and available across multiple inbound numbers, allowing you to record all business calls; no matter how you’re contacted

Telecoms World Call Recording solutions Trusted by...

We work with NHS for HD Quality Call Recording for Business
We work with TFL for HD Quality Business Call Recording
for HD Quality Call Recording for Business. Working with Choice Helpline
Talk To Frank utilise for HD Quality Call Recording for Business
EMD Mechanical using call recording for business

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