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Which is the best Inbound Number for my business?

With many people now starting up their own business ventures from home, it is crucial that you fully evaluate which telecom products are going to be best suited to support your new business.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to starting up a new business, and essential products such as Broadband, Inbound Business Numbers and Email/Web Domains should not be carelessly considered. In this blog post, we look specifically at each of the Inbound Numbers available and help you to identify which type would benefit your business the most.

Freephone 0800/0808 Numbers

Free to call for increased inbound calls

0800 Numbers are highly recognised as free to call, enticing people to make an enquiry. This UK non-geographic phone number charges the receiver for the call and not the caller, making it a powerful marketing number for increased calls to your business. More that 90% of consumers know that they can call an 0800 number for free.

0800 Numbers are perfect for businesses looking to increase inbound calls whilst promoting a caring and trustworthy brand image by providing a free-to-call contact telephone number. Telecoms World monthly rental for 0800 numbers starts from just £0.99 per month.

Not-for-profit 0300 Numbers

Specifically reserved for charities and not-for-profit organisations

If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, applying a credible 0300 Number to your business will support callers with free call charges from a UK landline or mobile, increasing the number of charitable donations.

0300 Numbers provide a true seal of authenticity for increased trust and charitable donations from your callers across the UK. Telecoms World line rental starts from only £0.99 per month with 4,000 inclusive inbound minutes.

Virtual 01/02 Numbers

Demonstrate a local presence and analyse marketing campaigns

Virtual (or Local) 01/02 Numbers are recognised as local business numbers, meaning that people are immediately more trusting towards the legitimacy of your business and more likely to choose your organisation over competitors as you are local to them. Not only that, but callers also know that if they decide to go ahead with a purchase, you are only a few miles away if they require any urgent support.

Virtual Numbers (01/02) are charged at a local rate and are fantastic to attach to marketing material to identify your best performing campaign in each area of the UK. Simply add a Telecoms World 01/02 number to each marketing campaign (e.g. flyers, billboards, radio and television) and analyse the performance of each using Call Analytics to reduce overspending.

Business 0333 Numbers

Attract new business inside and outside of the UK

If you are a business looking to attract business from outside of the UK, significantly boost calls and help portray a professional image without a link to a geographic location, then an 0333 Business Number could be the answer.

Business 0333 Numbers are special types of landline-rate phone numbers used by various businesses and organisations. They have low call rates when calling from a UK landline or mobile phone, costing no more than a national rate call to a local 01/02 number. Other services available with a Telecoms World 0333 Number include; Call Routing, Recording, Queuing, IVR and more.

Rebate/High-Rebate Business Numbers

Earn up to 8 pence per minute of additional business revenue

Businesses looking to receive a little extra revenue should consider a Rebate or High-Rebate Number from Telecoms World. 0843, 0844 and 0845 Rebate Numbers generate up to 4 pence per minute rebate on every call to your number. The 084 Number ranges are the perfect choice for businesses that wish to cover part of their technical staff costs, for example customer advice departments and support lines.

High-Rebate 0870 Numbers and 0871 Numbers generate up to 8 pence per minute rebate and paid monthly. The high-rebate ranges are the perfect choice for information and technical support hotlines. Calls can be routed to a single target number, hunt groups with multiple staff or a call queue, before reaching a skilled support agent.

Premium Rate Service Numbers

Earn additional revenue from £0.10 to £3.60 per minute

If you are a business providing a specific premium service to customers, you can earn a significantly high business revenue starting from £0.10 per minute. Premium Service Rate Numbers starting with 09 are often used for business hotlines such as; sporting tipsters, competitions, technical support, chat lines, psychic readings and tv voting.

09 Premium Rate Numbers must meet Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA) usage guidelines and can be activated in three simple steps:

  1. List your premium rate service and new number(s) on the PSA website to meet usage guidelines and launch the service

  2. Provide our team with details on the landline or mobile target number. This ensures we meet regulation and monitor live call activity

  3. Calls to PRS numbers require a welcome audio to announce the service and costs of the call. Submit a sample of the .mp3 or .wav

For more information on which Inbound Numbers would best suit your business, please don’t hesitate to call our team of experts on 0800 774 7772 for a friendly discussion.

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