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How do I show my business phone number on my mobile phone

Working on the move means that business calls can be missed, this is simply resolved using a divert to the mobile phone. But how do you present a business telephone number when dialling out? Learn how a simple application allows users to choose the business number they want to present when dialling out.

Lets set the scene... You run a construction company and a business call arrives to you whilst surveying a project. You answer, advising the caller that you will call them back as you are on a site and unable to discuss the requirements at the moment.

Having finished the site meeting, you get into your car and make the call to the client that you were not able to chat with. Using the Dial Out Application, you select the business number you wish to present when making the call. This number can be a single office number, or a selected number from several 01, 02 or 08, 03 numbers on your app. You choose the 0203 London number to call the client back as thats the main number for your construction business. You then either dial the callers number in, access your call history or contacts directory to choose who to call.

The magic happens when the caller answers, seeing the 0203 number that they called earlier, they answer the call in good spirit as they received the call back as promised and they are entirely unaware that you are calling from a mobile phone, sat in your car, as the Dial Out App gives the impression you are back at your desk calling from a landline number.


Without the Dial Out App, a call would be make to the client showing your personal 07 mobile number. Unknown 07 mobile numbers are answered 60% less than a landline number, and in the event of the call back not being answered, there could be a dissatisfied client and a lost opportunity. Presenting your business number could become a vital component to winning you business on the move!

Business owners are always keen to give a professional and reputable image, stand out from their competitors, provide an excellent service and be available at all times. Using the Dial Out Application available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play, a fantastic service can be offered over the phone at all times from anywhere in the UK. For further information, call our UK based solution specialists on freephone 0800 043 4378.

Key Benefits of the Dial Out Application

  • App is available for Apple and Android devices

  • Upload the number(s) that you would like to present

  • Choose the exact number you would like to present at the point of call

  • Access your directory, call history or use the dial pad to call out

  • Choose a minute tariff that suits your monthly call volume

  • Keep your personal mobile number private

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