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Measure marketing success with local number analytics

Marketing your business through multiple channels can be an effective way to increase inbound calls and bring in new business. However, with numerous campaigns across multiple locations, it can be tricky to report on which marketing campaign is generating the most leads. We want to provide your business with useful ways to broaden your local presence and report on individual campaigns using local number analytics.


Creating a local presence

Many businesses focus advertising in their local area. This tends to be due to most SME businesses wanting to maintain a local presence and remaining close by for customer visits. This also provides a general sense of security for their customers, knowing that the company is easily reachable if any issues or concerns arise.

However, you can present this same local presence whilst attracting callers from different areas throughout the UK using a local/Virtual 01/02 number. Many people looking to purchase a product or service base their decision on whether the business is local or national. Callers will be satisfied in the fact they are paying local call rates whilst assuming they are dealing with a locally based business.

Expanding your local presence

We now know that Virtual Numbers can create a local presence across the country. However, how can we use this to understand which areas are the most active in making new business enquiries? Let’s start by looking at your marketing and advertising methods.

As an example, let’s say you are a skip hire company placing multiple adverts across Kent including flyers, billboards, local newspapers, and radio. Each advert/marketing campaign is placed in a different area with an individual local number associated to it. Each of these numbers can be analysed to identify which areas are attracting the highest number of calls, enabling you to review each campaign in-depth to further develop your business.


Case Study: White & Sons

Established in 1817, White & Sons is an award-winning letting and estate agents based in Surrey. They promote their services through various marketing channels: leaflets, brochures, online, local press etc, but were unable to really gauge the true return on investment of their activities. White & Sons were unable to see which adverts were most popular or received the most response and felt their marketing budget could be better invested if they had more insights into their campaigns.

Working alongside Telecoms World, White & Sons allocated groups of Virtual Numbers to each of their 4 offices. These numbers were then used on individual marketing campaigns and incorporated into the Telecoms World Call Analytics platform to review results on each number. The results for White & Sons were really insightful and surprising for them. It allowed them to fully analyse which marketing campaigns were driving more response and engaging potential customers, which then allowed them to re-focus their marketing budget accordingly. By spending their budget more effectively, White & Sons benefitted from increased business and an increase in profit.

“These products have fundamentally changed the way in which we plan our advertising campaigns and enables us to really investigate the return on investment we get from different forms of media. We are able to respond to the market quicker as we now know what engages and what doesn’t. Reliable, quick, honest and professional – this is a must for any organisation” - Jennie Fundell - Marketing Manager, White & Sons

Increase sales by tracking local numbers

At Telecoms World, we not only provide thousands of Virtual Numbers, but can also support your business by providing detailed Local Marketing Number Call Analytics for each. This enables you to review each number assigned to each location. Focus your efforts on high-performing areas whilst looking to improve and change your marketing strategy in others.


Up to 520 number ranges can be used for local towns and cities across the UK which are assigned to advertising media including local press, billboards, flyers, radio, and TV to measure response. Identify which marketing campaign is generating the highest number of leads, where improvements can be made and where to focus future efforts by analysing the call data from individual Virtual Numbers.

If you would like to learn more about our Local Marketing Number Call Analytics, please contact our team of experts on 0800 774 7772.

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