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Introducing 'Office in a Box'

Our solution is perfect for pop-up businesses, those with low data speeds and if you are awaiting fibre connectivity

4G Connectivity To Power Your Business
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What is Office in a Box?

Office in a Box allows you to operate up to four IP phones together with super fast wireless broadband over our 4G business mobile network. It is the perfect solution to power a mobile office or support a business waiting for an Openreach installation. Our Office in a Box can also act as a disaster recovery backup, allowing you to power your business if the worst should happen.

How Does Office in a Box Work?

The system is quick and simple to set up, with speeds of up to 50mbps and can be implemented anywhere across the UK. All you need is a power supply and your office backup or mobile office is operational immediately.

Why Should my Business get Office in a Box?

Office in a Box delivers quality broadband performance in a simple Plug and Play solution for any business; with instant access to connectivity up to 50mbps, rapid deployment of service and router (within 5 days), choice of data packages from 50GB up to 400GB and instant resilience!

What is office in a box?
“ Our smaller remote customers love our Office in a Box solution which offers them fast wireless broadband over our 4G network. Contact me to find out more detaills ”
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Business Broadband Performance

Instant access to low latency connectivity from 1 Mbps up to 50 Mbps
Fast ordering process and deployment of service with 4G router (within 5 days)
Choice of data packages ranging from 50GB up to 400GB
Instant disaster recovery in the event that your main landline with connectivity fails
Cost effective solution with a 30 day rolling monthly contract

An Example Installation of a Typical Office in a Box

The key benefits of online backup using cellular data

24/7 Line Resilience
Giving you extremely high-tolerance routing over mobile networks should your main PSTN line go down, ensuring 24/7 resilience
Up to 50Mbps using 4G
Pre-Ethernet connectivity over 'Business Only' 3G and 4G offers between 10mbps to 50mbps and ensures you're always connected
Scalable Data Volumes
Our data bundles start from 50GB up to a maximum 400GB, with the backup setting of just 2GB per month to match your business needs
Perfect for Voice / Data
Response times can be sub 30 milliseconds meaning VoIP call data is handled instantly and keeps your business running efficiently
Data Blocks for Multiple Sites
Share data blocks across multiple branch or office sites. Simply grow or shrink data requirements when needed to match your data requirements
Cost Effective Solution
Pre-Ethernet is less than a third of a Leased Line cost. Simply pay for the data consumption use as and when required and save money