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Unified Communications

Call, Email, Message, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Video Call and Conference

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Leading Cloud PBX Phone Systems from £6.50 per user

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Unified Communications

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Wildix's next-generation, unified communication system has 12 functionalities

1 Interface, Multiple Communication Functions

Wildix's next-generation, unified communication system has multiple functions including File Transfer, SMS, Shared Phonebook, Fax, Contact Centre, Desktop Sharing, Statistics, Video Conference, Mobility, Localisation, Calls and Messaging.

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Browse-Based Real-Time Communications & Collaboration

Wildix Calling
Wildix Chat
Wildix Video Chat
Wildix File Transfer
File Transfer
Wildix Website Widget
Website Widget
Wildix Call Barge and Call Whisper
Call Barge & Whisper
Wildix can be fully integrated
Integration Ready
Wildix voice to text
Voice to Text
Wildix Synced Phonebook
Synced Phonebook
Wildix SMS
Wildix Fax Service
Wildix Contact Centre
Contact Centre
Wildix Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing
Locate off-site colleagues with Wildix
Locate Colleagues
Wilidix History and Recordings
History & Recordings
Wilidix Single Interface to control all communications
Single Interface

Wildix UC&C Solution is Web-Based, with Increased Efficiency and Secure by Design

Unified Communication and Collaboration) UC&C is no longer just available to large enterprises, small to mid-sized companies can also benefit from the latest Cloud PBX technology. Wildix's business communication Cloud PBX, can reduce communication costs by an average of 50% (sometimes up to 75%).
Increase your internal and external communications productivity effortlessly with low maintenance costs.

Packaged with Telecoms World SIP Trunking, enables businesses to make and receive high-quality outbound and inbound calls seamlessly, via the cloud communications platform. Considerably reducing operating costs.

Wildix Integrates in to Google Chrome
Wildix Integrates in to Microsoft Windows
Wildix Integrates in to Mozilla Firefox
Wildix Integrates in to Apple Safari
Wildix Integrates in to Opera
Wildix Integrates in to Apple Mac
Wildix Integrates in to Linux Systems
Wildix Integrates in to Google Android

Up to 25% saved time in daily operations

Thanks to Wildix Unified Comms, your business can streamline employees’ daily processes; improving productivity and efficiency.

How? With features such as video conference, chat, email, screen share, user presence indicator, plus so much more available in one package. These are just some of the features available which can be integrated with your internal management software (CRM, SAP etc).

Up to 25% saved time in daily operations with Wildix Cloud PBX

Up to 52% more sales via the web

Wildix is the only Cloud PBX system that allows web visitors to call, text or video chat, share files and more, directly from your website.

WebRTC Kite uses the most updated and secure browser calling technology for direct, two-way communication with web visitors. Integrate Wildix Cloud PBX with your website, ensuring you never miss a sale and increase your website conversion rate.

Up to 52% more sales via the web with Wildix Cloud PBX

100% Security with no further applications

Traditional PBXs and UC&Cs require additional secure infrastructures to protect your system from cyber attacks and external viruses.

Wildix is secure-by-design and reduces limitations. Supported by Amazon AWS - one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures. The system is easy to implement and configure, but voice and data are ALWAYS protected with a native encryption system.

100% Security with no further applications with Wildix Cloud PBX

Everything you need is in the cloud,
stable and secure

Iphone and Android Apps with Wildix Cloud Unified Communications
iPhone and Android Mobile Apps with push notifications
Browser-based functions with Wildix Cloud Unified Communications
Purely browser-based Chat, Audio, Video, Desktop file sharing
Video Conferencing with Wildix Cloud Unified Communications
Clientless Web RTC Video Conference
Feature-rich functions with Wildix Cloud Unified Communications
Feature-rich solution with 12 leading communication functions
Use any web enabled device with Wildix Cloud Unified Communications
Solutions managed using any web enabled device

Over 50 customer relationship management, cloud software and resource planning solutions are ready to integrate for a complete communications tool.

Wildix Integrates with Zoho
Wildix Integrates with Outlook and Office
Wildix Integrates with Zendesk
Wildix Integrates with Oracle
Wildix Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics
Wildix Integrates with Solve
Wildix Integrates with Microsoft Teams
Wildix Integrates with Imagicle
Wildix Integrates with Infusionsoft
Wildix Integrates with IBM
Wildix Integrates with Citrix
Wildix Integrates with Google
Wildix Integrates with W CRM
Wildix Integrates with Freshdesk
Wildix Integrates with SAP Business One
Wildix Integrates with Salesforce

UK's Leading Cloud PBX System Provider

Our goal was to operate with a more advanced and innovative phone system for our business. With Wildix Cloud PBX, we can unify calling, emailing, chat, screenshare, sending documents, video calls and so much more, wherever our employees are working - office, remotely, another location and from any device.
We were looking to offer an innovative service to communicate better with our staff and clients. An online SMS gateway is a great web-based platform that our business can use to send text messages to employees and for sending mass SMS marketing campaigns.
Everything is perfect and we definitely recommend Telecoms World. Very helpful and customer-focused. Do not hesitate if you want to choose them for your business' solutions.
With the Kite widget, a web visitor can just open a webpage, see if any operators are available and have direct access to the information they need, wherever they are, from any device. It has really increased engagement with our customers and conversion rate!
The Wildix BYOD Application has been integral to our business. With many office-based, remote and field-based workers in our business, we can communicate with everyone like they are in the office. We can see their geo-location and know their availability in an instant.


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