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We are helping businesses across the UK to remain operational and improve their systems to allow staff to work from home

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Covid-19: Helping Business

COVID-19: Helping Business

We understand that this is a worrying time for our customers, therefore, we are doing everything we can to continue our services and offer our support whilst looking after the health and well-being of our colleagues.

Your exiting services with Telecoms World remain functional and new services are typically established within 5 working days. We ask that you please do everything you can online using the My Account area, and if you require our support please call us on Freephone 0800 043 0800.

Online Services

If you’ve already registered for our online service, you can access the ‘My Account’ area on our website and log in using your company email address and password to access the below:

  • Manage your number routing

  • View your Call Analytics

  • Contact customer services

  • View previous orders

  • View and pay your bills

Forgotten your log in details? There’s no need to call, you can reset your password quickly and easily on our forgotten password page.

What we’re doing to stay operational?

We have a fully functional team with all departments working from home using cloud-based voice and data services. Our customer service team is available as usual, so we can continue to offer our full range of services. Our top priority is to help customers who need to set up and/or make changes to their existing arrangements to allow for staff to work from home.

How can we help you?

Many businesses are now searching for alternative and cost-effective options to work from home. Telecoms World has a range of Home Working Solutions to help your business continue its daily management effectively without worry. From Phone Lines, Broadband and Conference Calls, to Phone Systems, Mobile and Call Management, we are here to support your business needs.

Below is a list of questions we often receive from businesses…

Call Centre
Call Centre

My call centre agents are working from home and require a phone system compatible with their home landline or mobile phone. What do you recommend?

Our award-winning Hosted Contact Centre provides you and your agents with a single web-based solution with features to manage multiple agents in your call group and an online portal with management and agent level control.

The easy-to-use online portal allows agents to log in using their own username and password and set their mobile or landline number to answer incoming client calls from a queue or hunt group. Agents will then receive queued calls which are distributed based on their preferences such as skill level or particular order (i.e. longest idle, waterfall, circular). In addition, the management level provides real-time wallboard analytics on calls and agent activity.

Our home working Contact Centre Service is quick to set up and extremely easy to manage call centre agents. For more information, please visit our Hosted Contact Centre web page or call one of our experts on 0800 888 6608.

"We have worked with Telecoms World on several projects, each of these has improved how our departments manage calls. It is great to know we have a knowledgeable and supportive communications provider and look forward to taking further advantage of their hosted telephony services." 
Khuram Afzal IT Project Manager - NHS Foundation Trust

Call Centre
Conference Calls and Video

I’m concerned that the free conferencing services I use to communicate with customers have limitations and may not be secure. Do you provide a conference service for calls and video?

We are proud to offer a diverse range of voice and video conferencing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Each service is fully secure by design, using private PIN access for businesses and setting parameters on the volume of callers; allowing you to choose to invite/reject participants at any time. 

Whether you wish to communicate with customers through our tier-1 voice network or using browser-to-browser video communication, the service is tailored to your business with custom welcome messages and a host of additional features available. Video conferencing is available through several of our hosted platforms and the ability to create video conferences, screen-sharing, and control the end-user screen is available from a single web interface.

For fast, secure and reliable conferencing solutions, please visit our Conference Calls web page or contact one of our experts on 0333 733 7766.

Call Centre

I am working from home and have extremely slow broadband. Is there a way of connecting to an alternative business network to increase my connection speeds

Many individuals are now required to work from home and we are seeing an increase in web traffic across the data networks. This increase is primarily due to the use of video conferencing, cloud-based solutions (Office 365) and VoIP calls, not to mention personal family use. All of which can put a strain on your home broadband. 

We provide an ‘Office in a Box’ solution, providing home workers with a 4G SIM. Our online lookup tool is used to identify which network has the fastest speeds and greatest resilience in your local area. Your single 4G SIM with ‘unlimited’ data is then assigned to the selected network and dispatched to a home address with either a Mi-Fi device (best for laptops and mobile devices) or a 4G enabled router (best for network cabling and dedicated IP addresses).

SIM cards and internet devices are set up within 24 hours, however, we recommend that you allow up to 5 working days for postage.

Get an instant, super-fast connection today by visiting our ‘Office in a Box’ web page or calling one of our experts on 0333 733 7766.

Call Centre
Phone Systems

I'm looking into cloud-based telephone systems. The flexibility of our existing PBX platform is non-existent and far from future proof. What are the best options for my business?

Phone systems have evolved at a rapid pace over the past decade; with unrivalled solutions that enhance the way staff interact with clients and each other. Hosted VoIP and Cloud PBX systems are not centralised to hardware installed in your office premise, they are run over the internet with calls delivered in HD quality over a secure Tier-1 network.

We are proud to offer a selection of leading-edge, flexible and scalable telephone systems, each of which provides a range of benefits and functions that meet the requirements of all types of business. Our support team are on hand to further understand your specific needs and design the perfect system for your business, highlighting the difference between our Hosted VoIP and Cloud PBX systems available.

There are 3 simple steps in transferring your existing telephone system into the cloud. Please review our Homeworking Setup Guide for more information.

If you are interested in upgrading your phone system, please visit our VoIP Phone System web page for more information or contact an expert on 0208 102 9262.

Call Centre
Phone Lines

I need my homeworking staff to be able to transfer calls. Is there an alternative solution without the need for a second line or making a note for a colleague to call the client back?

Many networks across the UK are unable to distribute engineers to connect landlines due to Covid-19 restrictions. We offer virtual, cloud-based business 01 or 02 Numbers which can be routed to an existing landline or mobile phone without the need for additional hardware or a visit from an engineer. 

Cloud-based virtual 01 or 02 Numbers can be provided to any of the 520 area codes for towns and cities across the UK and are activated within 5 working days (typically 2 days), meaning that your clients and employees can contact your business without delay. Simply choose the number for your area code and decide where calls will be answered using the number management solution provided by Telecoms World, and we will connect you free of charge. 

To jump the queue and activate your virtual business landline number today, please visit our Virtual Numbers web page for more information or call one of our experts on 0333 733 7772.

Call Centre
Call Transfer

I need my homeworking staff to be able to transfer calls. Is there an alternative solution without the need for a second line or making a note for a colleague to call the client back?

Yes, we provide a network featured called ‘Mid-call Transfer’. This service is typically found on a phone system; however, this is available with a Telecoms World number or service hosted in the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.

When you receive an incoming call, simply use the hash to place the caller on hold, then a digit key to transfer to a colleague. The pre-stored destinations available allow you to select the chosen landline or mobile number you would like to transfer the call to and announce who is on the phone before hanging up to complete the transfer.

Free up and simplify your phone line and eliminate the need for a manual switchboard. Our transfer solution allows you to receive and manage simultaneous calls and transfer to third parties or colleagues on any phone or landline location.

If you require call transferring and would like more information on our ‘Mid-call Transfer’ solution, please contact one of our experts on freephone 0333 733 7773.


My staff are using their mobile phones to work from home and could incur high data bills. Do you provide business mobile data packages?

Yes, we offer extremely competitive Mobile SIM Only deals that not only cut expenditure but also offer increased value for money by giving uncapped data allowances to enable staff to work remotely without restrictions on data usage. A company mobile phone bill can be one of the largest monthly outgoings it faces each month. We offer unlimited SIM Only deals from £24.99 per month with 30-day rolling contracts available - often eliminating up to 60% of the cost. 

In the last month alone, Telecoms World was able to reduce a client’s monthly invoice from over £10,000 per month to £3,775, not only cutting over 60% of the cost but also giving each user unlimited data.

To reduce your monthly mobile phone outgoings, please visit our ‘Business Mobile’ web-page or call one of our experts on 0208 102 9262

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