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Communication Products and Services for Home Working

Support your business continuity plan and operate remotely using cloud-hosted voice and data services

instant, cost-effective and flexible home worker products & Services
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Instant Call Routing

free for 3 months . £9.99 thereafter

Divert incoming business calls to a chosen landline or mobile number without the need for additional hardware or the delay of a new line installation! Call Routing gives you the tools to control where are when business calls are answered at the click of a button - a quick, easy and cost-effective way to answer calls 24/7.

The online control available with Call Routing gives users the ability to choose where calls are diverted during and outside of working hours with calls diverted to home working staff, no matter where they are located. Call Routing is available with a virtual 01/02 number or non-geographic 08/03 number - learn more about the Call Routing functions or view our business numbers.

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Call Routing Services for remote working and to work from home

Call Whisper

Only £2.99 Per Month . Free Connection

Identify the difference between a business or personal call when receiving calls on mobile. Calls that are forwarded to personal mobile phones can play an announcement message "This is a Business Call" before the call connects.

Home working and remote working staff often have to answer calls on their personal mobiles. So, the Call Whisper announcement ensures that incoming business calls are answered promptly and professionally at all times.

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Work from home with Incoming Call Whisper - Home Working Services
Inbound business Numbers

Business Phone Numbers


Choose the perfect, memorable business phone number to promote your company nationwide, in any UK town or city. A wide selection of numbers are available and can all be routed to any UK landline or mobile phone number.

Non-geographic numbers include the popular Freephone range starting 0800 or local rate 0333 Numbers. Geographic 01 /02 Numbers are also available to create a business presence in over 520 locations in the UK. Or generate a rebate with each call by using one of our 084x and 087x business phone numbers.

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Business continuity plans made possible with Virtual Phone Numbers and Remote Working solutions
outbound business Call Control

Dial-out Application

£4.99 Per Month . INC 2000 FREE MINUTES

Want to place business phone calls from your mobile phone but don’t want to show your mobile number?

It’s easy to choose a business number and divert all calls to your mobile phone. But, what about when you want to call customers back? It’s likely you don’t want call from your personal mobile number. The Dial-out App allows you to make calls from your mobile, but will display your business number to clients.

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Dial Out App. Make outbound business calls from a mobile for remote working
Cloud-Based Telephony

Phone Systems


Cloud telephony or hosted VoIP, is a business phone system is hosted in the cloud with online access. Combine phone calls with business data and link offices, mobile phones and home workers on one simple, easy-to-use system.

Enhance your business communications with the ability to combine voice, data and video applications between any internal and external users. A hosted phone system can save a lot of money, dramatically improve processes between staff and clients, and aid business growth.

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VoIP Phone Systems for Home Working and a business continuity plan
Integration on any device

Conference Service


No additional hardware is required with our 100% secure Conference service, which is cloud based and available 24/7 365. Meaning it is available for you and your staff to use wherever and whenever it's needed.

Our conferencing service guarantees the best audio and video quality right at your desk. Start a video conference from the web interface and invite colleagues or external users at any time. Choose whether to activate the conference in audio and video or audio-only mode. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile; video conferencing is possible on all types of device.

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Work from home with our Conference Services for remote working
fast and reliable broadband



As your business requirements change - the speed and resilience of your internet connection should be able to meet your needs. Do you require high download and upload internet speeds, want to future-proof your business and be prepared for growth?

Having the right network and connectivity in place is vital to the productivity and security of your business. Are you one of the many businesses that have just got by with old broadband connections and question it's stability and option to grow in the future?

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Business Broadband to support your Home Working

Unified Communication

£24.99 per month . full hd voice & video

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology is a 2-way communication feature between a web browser and your contact centre agent. The real-time communication is made through a simple online application for chat, messaging, calls, file sharing, conference call and video. This ensures that you increase interactions with your customers and can communicate with voice, text, video and screen share. It is 100% secure!

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) tools deliver an improved user experience with smart, flexible, digital applications used wherever an internet connection is available; perfect for office and home-working.

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Unified Communications for Home and Remote Working



Connect your office phone to any internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, PC, mobile or tablet. Work seamlessly with the Collaborate service and mobile Soft Client to ensure that you can handle calls efficiently, wherever you are. Using existing devices will reduce operating costs, as well as minimising telephony costs incurred whilst on the move or in different locations.

Multiple communication functions including File Transfer, Call Notify, Contact Centre, Desktop Sharing, Video Calling, Presence, Calls and Messaging.

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Business Broadband to support your Home Working
Telecoms World. Business phone numbers to promote across any town / city in the UK. Rated 5* on Trustpilot.Telecoms World. Business phone numbers to promote across any town / city in the UK.
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