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International Numbers

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What are International Virtual Numbers?

If you are looking to increase engagement with customers who are only looking to purchase from local suppliers, there is no need to navigate international law or invest in additional costs such as new staff or office space. Virtual international phone numbers display a local presence to the receiver, making them more likely to accept calls and make a purchase. We provide virtual city numbers across 4,000 cities worldwide, allowing you to portray a local image to your customers.

Why do businesses use lnternational Numbers?

They are selling services in a different country and want to make their customer feel as if they are based locally. They want to give the impression that they have multiple offices in Asia, USA and Europe – but they are based in a small office in London. They want to test market a customer base in a different country and the test will be more successful if a local number is provided.

How do International Virtual Numbers work?

A customer based in New York calls your 646 number. The 646 number is being redirected to London with a member of your London workforce answering the call seamlessly. Calls your virtual number can be answered at any UK or international landline with the flexibility to change where your virtual number is targeted with our online cal management tool.

International Virtual Numbers
“You can win business on a global scale with international numbers. Promote your business in any location with a 'local area number' and your UK based agents answer the incoming calls.”
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Divert international virtual numbers to a UK landline

Some of the key benefits of using Virtual International Numbers

A Dark Web scan alerts when any data from emails and passwords have been compromised
Over 4000 International Codes
We access a global database of  numbers for over 350 destinations. The numbers are assigned for business use to create a presence in any town or city
Our Dark Web scan as an award-winning service
Divert calls to any uK landline
Calls to International Virtual Numbers are answered at any existing UK landline number. Our call diversion delivers incoming calls to UK based staff/agents
The data breach scan presents information that has been analysed and validated
Fully itemised calls
Incoming calls are fully itemised to help recognise the callers destination, call duration, ring time, time to answer and reporting of answered/unanswered calls
run a data breach scan across your entire base in minutes
Online call control
Login and choose where calls are answered using the online call management. Divert incoming calls to a chosen UK landline or change the target in an instant
Ensure your business isn't compromised with a comprehensive data scan
Variable contract lengths
We offer variable contact lengths for international virtual numbers that meet your needs. Numbers are often used for product promos and brand launches
Reduce risk and eliminate vulnerabilities with a dark web scan
Quick number setup
Numbers are often configured within 14 working days. A small range of international codes have extended setup times due to documentation/sign-off procedure

International Virtual Numbers . Questions and Answers

How do International Virtual Numbers work?

International numbers work through a redirect from the originating country through to a landline in the UK. An example would be if a customer calls from New York on 646 a number, this is sent to London using the telephone interconnect that we have in place. As the numbers are loaded in the international network this redirect will route the call to a London based company for the telephone agent to answer the incoming New York telephone calls.

How do I divert the calls to my UK landline number?

When international numbers are configured we require an existing landline in order to build the number routing and test the setup. When the service is active, the online portal is provided to the business owner which allows you to choose the landline number that you would like to answer calls at. This landline number can be any 01 or O2 number for example:- London 0203 or Manchester 0161.

Can I easily change where calls are answered?

Yes, and this can often take place at the click of a button. Web-based management is often provided with international numbers. However, some international destinations require the changes to be made at the network level with a documented update. This is based on the country's network requirements.

How do calls made by oversees customers arrive to my UK phone?

Calls from overseas customers arrive into the UK through our existing network interconnects. The international numbers that you can use will be connected to an exchange point in that country (at the point the number(s) ownership is agreed) and this exchange point is further connected with our network in the UK. When a customer calls from an international number, the call is sent to the UK. Numbers are loaded in the international network allowing the call to be answered in the UK by a company or telephone agent.

Can I get a virtual number for any town or city in the world?

Businesses can choose a number for 4000+ towns and cities across the globe. There are certain restrictions on international virtual numbers due to state or county law; this is often in place to prevent local area numbers being used by businesses that do not have a business premise or operate directly their country. If you are looking for a number in a specific town or city, please contact our team and we will ascertain which documentation is required and the process undertaken to onboard a number.