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Become PCI Compliant

Level-1 PCI DSS compliance for UK businesses made easy using our latest cloud based telephony solutions

PCI Compliant Payments Made Over The Phone, SMS Or Email
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What is PCI Compliance?

PCI DSS 'Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard' applies to UK businesses that accept credit card payments. The regulation is in place to ensure that cardholders data is hosted securely with a PCI compliant provider. Banks and Merchants are fining businesses that do not meet the payment standard.

How do I get PCI DSS Compliance?

Many business owners are not aware of PCI Compliancy and what it means. Instead, they continue with their daily business, processing card payments insecurely and facing fines from their bank or merchant provider. For a business to become PCI DSS compliant, a Level-1 MOTO payment solution must be integrated to take payments in an encrypted environment.

How do Businesses Stop PCI Compliancy Fines?

Telecoms World can provide secure a PCI Compliant gateway for processing payments over the telephone. There are many solutions for inbound and outbound calls using the telephone keypad (DTMF Keys) a website link sent via SMS or email, which allows funds to be transferred without the caller disclosing card details, or the information becoming visible to the call agent.

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Secure Payment Gateway for payments over the phone

Secure Payment Gateway for payments over the phone

Avoid banking charges with the latest PCI Compliance gateway for MOTO payments. Organisations commonly use a PDQ machine to take payments from face-to-face clients, and the transaction is taken using the client's card information and the payment value. If payment is made over the telephone using this method, then the payment is not PCI compliant, and fines could be incurred. Our Secure Payment Gateway ensures that the transaction is safe, encrypted and prevents any non-compliance charges to the business.

become certified and PCI compliant for payment made over the telephone

Avoid Monthly Fees

Avoid a monthly non-compliance fee and additional PCI DSS service fees when you become certified and PCI compliant for payment made over the telephone.

Concealed and encrypted data in a secure payment gateway over the phone

Secure Encrypted Data

Concealed and encrypted data in a secure payment gateway over the phone, where bank details never become visible and the caller uses their telephone keypad.

No additional hardware; the secure payment gateway is hosted in the cloud

No Hardware Required

Businesses with a PDQ machine for client-facing payments do not require additional hardware or replace hardware; the secure payment gateway is hosted in the cloud.

Telecoms World

Key Features of PCI DSS Compliant Cloud

Secure Network for PCI Compliancy
Secure Network For PCI Compliancy

Install and maintain a firewall configured to protect your payment data. Our level-1 PCI compliant PDQ payment router or telephone gateway protects all security parameters.

Secure Payment for Data Protection
Secure Payment For Data Protection

Ensuring that the highest PCI compliance level of hardware or connection must be supported by skilled staff understanding the vulnerabilities of handling your client's payment data.

Reduce Card Fraud with PCI DSS
Reduce Card Fraud With PCI DSS

An estimated £10 million is mishandled, and sensitive client information is leaked across the internet every year. The PCI compliant solution ensures that this figure is decreased year on year.

Avoid Fines for non PCI Compliancy
Avoid Fines For Non PCI Compliancy

No business handling payments is exempt from this fine, currently standing at 4% of annual turnover. Ensuring that your business is PCI compliant will stop the 4% fine and any future fines.

The Compliant Cloud - Ensuring PCI Compliancy

Calls are delivered into a secure environment from your existing phone line or phone system. Once within the cloud, your client can make immediate payment to your bank account. You enter their payment details, including the amount to be paid and then transfer the call to the Compliant Cloud, allowing your client to enter their credit card number using their telephone keypad. The call is then returned to the operator to finish the call, all compliant with PCI DSS.

Telecoms World

The Key Benefits of our PCI Compliant Payment Gateway

Client payments are always secure to PCI compliant standard
Optimised Data Security

Because our payment gateway is digitally encrypted, it means client payments are always secure to PCI DSS standard and stored in the cloud

100% PCI Compliant service
100% PCI Compliant Service

The service is certified by PCI DSS 2016 version 3.1, meaning that you can be confident a compliance audit will be quick and simple

We have connected our PCI compliancy service with many of the world's largest merchants
Direct Merchant Integration

We have connected our PCI compliance service with many of the world's largest merchant service providers to help transfer funds in seconds.

our PCI gateway is a cost effective service to install, manage and support
Cost Effective PCI Gateway

There is no need to replace hardware so, our PCI Compliant Cloud is a cost-effective service to install, manage and support

PCI compliance means no sensitive payment details are heard by the agent
Simple Control For Agents

Agents simply dial into the system and interact with the client to take payment. PCI compliance means the agent hears no payment details.

our PCI Compliant Cloud is suitable for all scale of business who process payments
Works For All Types Of Business

From the sole trader to UK wide corporation, our PCI Compliant Cloud is suitable for all scale of business who process payments

PCI Compliancy. Questions and Answers

What is PCI Compliancy?

Card fraud and payment card breaches are an ongoing battle for the banks, so PCI compliance is a top priority for merchants and businesses that process electronic payments. There are approximately 288 PCI DSS controls that companies need to comply with to protect data at rest and data in transit. The consequences of not being PCI compliant could cost up to £10,000, which banks and credit card institutions levy.

How can I become PCI Compliant?

There are two main ways that merchants are asked to demonstrate their compliance with PCI: Merchants may either indicate compliance by working through a self-reporting checklist on their own, or they may be required to undergo a full audit by a certified third-party security expert known as a Qualified Security Assessor.

Introducing Telecoms World Compliant Cloud creates a secure environment over the phone where your clients can disclose their bank details without their data ever becoming visible to an operator, or passed through company hardware. By simply transferring a caller to the Compliant Cloud, the caller is passed back to the operator through a secure connection. When the caller taps in their details, the data is being encrypted with only the notification of completion being made visible to the operator. Once the transaction is complete, the funds are sent directly to your account without ever passing through your company’s hardware or being visible to staff.

Benefits of becoming PCI Compliant?

If you decide to undergo a full audit by a certified third-party security expert, or ‘Qualified Security Assessor’, you may receive a detailed report on compliance and/or attestation of compliance from the assessor.

What is a Level-1 MOTO payment solution?

There are 4 levels of PCI compliance based on each merchant’s card transaction volume. Level 1 is classed as the highest level of compliance, for those who process over 6 million card transactions annually through all channels (card present, card not present and eCommerce).

Do I need any other security systems in place to be compliant?

Although you do not need any specific security systems in place, you must ensure that you are proactive in maintaining a decent security level across your business. This includes regular testing of your security measures such as anti-virus software and firewalls.

How do I ensure that I stay compliant?

The best way to stay compliant is to perform regular system audits. Ensure that passwords are regularly updated, policies are kept up to date, and employee training is maintained.

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