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How to protect your business from broadband disaster

Have you ever wondered what you would do if your internet connection were to fail? If so, it probably means that you need a disaster recovery solution to fully protect yourselves should the worse happen. Almost every business requires some kind of internet connection to successfully run, and this means that if your connection suddenly stops, then so does your business and its income.

Your Business Broadband connection is vital to providing your staff and clients with a professional and reputable service. However, there are two additional broadband solutions that can protect your organisation should disaster suddenly strike. Here’s why you should consider Diverse Routing and Ethernet Backup for your business.

What is Diverse Routing?

Diverse Routing, or alternative routing, provides a true layer of resiliency, with a secondary data route to a back-up exchange. In the event of a fault at your main exchange or cable failure - the Diverse Routing solution provides your staff and clients with continuity without any downtime. Diverse Routing is the ultimate level of resilience, as there are multiple connectivity routes from the business premise to the exchange. The main goal is to ensure that the independent lines do not share the same path or underground ducting/cabinets. Should a line or exchange be impacted and an outage occurs, the Direct Routing connections play their role to ensure that an instant switch is made and the business continues transferring data and making calls without any interruptions.

Diverse RoutingWhy should I consider Diverse Routing?

A business disaster involving your broadband is a genuine possibility and should not be overlooked. If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses must have a reliable disaster recovery solution in place to ensure complete business continuity. When it comes to your business internet and Diverse Routing, issues are identified immediately by having main and secondary connections working hand-in-hand. The routing is switched from the main to the secondary connection automatically at your business premise, meaning that in the event of a line failure, your business will be back online without delay.

The key benefits of Diverse Routing

  • Protect your business against exchange or line failure

  • An alternative route from your premise to a backup exchange

  • Dual resilience with instant failover from line one to line two

  • A managed service with around the clock support and 4 hour SLA

What is Ethernet Backup?

Ethernet Backup offers resilience and disaster recovery with a high capacity 4G or 5G connection within 24 hours of receiving the router. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses awaiting a line installation or requiring immediate internet connectivity when disaster strikes.

The broadband connection using cellular network technology can be offered as a business-grade solution with a Machine to Machine (M2M) mobile SIM. The SIMs work on the same technology (4G LTE), however, the transfer of data is more resilient and durable than a common SIM. This allows businesses to add static IP addresses and run the 4G technology in an internet line failure.

Ethernet BackupThe key benefits of Ethernet Backup?

  • Instant connectivity using mobile cellular technology

  • Utilise up to 300Mb mobile data speeds with 5G networks

  • A rapid deployment solution in the event of a line failure

  • Configure a router to instantly failover to the 4G or 5G connection

At Telecoms World, our team of UK-based experts are here to help. For more information on our Diverse Routing and Ethernet Backup services, please contact us on 0800 774 7772.

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