UK internet use surges to record levels says Ofcom

On 24th June, UK media regulator, Ofcom, released an article on how UK internet use has increased to record levels following the Coronavirus outbreak. With many home workers and young families using additional streaming services and mobile applications, the average daily time spent on the internet had reached 4 hours and 2 minutes in April 2020. This increased from the 3 hours and 29-minute average recorded for September 2019.


New age of content creation

We all know the affects the Coronavirus has had on our daily lives, resulting in higher internet demand which has caused some disruption across multiple areas of the UK. However, as stated by Ofcom, as technology advances, we are now living in a new world of young content creators with the internet at their fingertips. Mobile applications such as YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok have grown significantly, with users as young as 8 years old now utilising online products.

Ofcom’s ‘Online Nation’ report identifies that one third (32%) of adults using the internet now spend more time viewing video-sharing services than broadcast television. In addition, 40% of adults and 59% of older children exposed to video-sharing applications now create their own videos, driving additional user-generated content featured online for all to see.

Regular blog posts and news articles are gradually becoming inferior as vlogging and video reviews are taking the world by storm. Many content creators are looking to use this method to form successful careers, with others simply looking to achieve a celebrity status. Children under 13 who aspire to become YouTube sensations had increased by 19% by the end of 2019 compared to the previous year, and many successful content creators are now receiving revenue or gifts in return for their video uploads.

How COVID-19 has changed the way we communicate

Ofcom’s study revealed that many people began moving away from traditional forms of communication such as landline calls and SMS messaging before the pandemic hit, moving towards updated methods and applications including WhatsApp and social media messaging.

Following the Coronavirus peak, updated communication methods have appeared to grow at an increased rate, with 35% more people making weekly video calls compared to their usage before lockdown measures were put into place. This is primarily caused by families wanting to stay in contact through applications such as Zoom and many home workers who require regular voice and video communication with their work colleagues.


Voice and Video

Businesses across the UK have been suffering with outdated telephony systems and video software, and it’s important to ensure you are staying up to date with the changing technological environment in order to future-proof your business.

Telecoms World offer Unified Communications to help your business communicate in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Connect your office phone to any internet-enabled device to work seamlessly and handle all calls efficiently. Our solutions allow for your employees to fully capture all aspects of business communication with functions including File Transfer, Call Notify, Contact Centre, Desktop Sharing, Video Calling, Presence, Calls and Messaging - keeping all parties in constant communication, wherever they are located.

Safety and Security

Although content is never a bad thing, families and businesses alike must remain cautious when sharing videos online, especially when it comes to young children getting involved in content creation. It has been reported that 87% of adults have concerns over children using video-sharing platforms, with issues such as online bullying, age-appropriate content, and private communications with strangers an ongoing threat. When it comes to businesses, risks of data breaches and online hacking is something that must continue to be monitored. Telecoms World provide a Free Data Breach Web Scan to keep your business away from the dangers of the dark web.

How we can help with your broadband connectivity

At Telecoms World, we want to ensure that you and your colleagues are working and communicating as efficiently as possible. That is why we provide several Business Broadband options to help you find the best internet connection for your business. From Fibre Broadband, to super-fast 4G connectivity using our Office in a Box solution. We want to help you identify the best product for your business by discussing your requirements further or providing you with an Instant Online Quote.

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