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Jargon Buster

What does ADSL mean? Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line allows a standard telephone line to be used as a broadband line to transmit large amounts of data.

What does CLI mean? Calling Line Identification

Calling Line Identification or Caller ID allows inbound call number to be identified before answering (systems).

What does CPS mean? Carrier Pre-Selection

The advance selection of alternative communications providers to carry their calls without having to dial a prefix or install any special equipment at their premises.

What does DDI mean? Direct Dial-In

Direct Dial-In allows external calls to go directly to an extension without being transferred via a switchboard.

What does DECT mean? Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology

Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology, a global standard for digital wireless telephones (but not mobiles).

What does DHCP mean? Co-axial or twisted wire cable

Co-axial or twisted wire cable typically used to connect equipment on Local Area Networks (LANs) and offering speeds up to 10Mbps.

What does FTP mean? File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol, internet standard easing transfer of files between computers.

What does IP telephony mean? Internet Protocol Telephony

Internet Protocol Telephony, the standard governing transmission of data and calls via the Internet.

What does ISDN mean? Integrated Services Digital Networks

Integrated Services Digital Networks allow digital transmission of data via traditional copper wires. ISDN offers greater capacity and faster transmission than analogue.

What does IVR mean? Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response, a technology that defects voice and touch-tone signals to initiate call direction, e.g. For Accounts, press 1.

What does LCC mean? Least Cost Call

Least Cost Call, service provided by telecom carriers minimising call costs through selecting the lowest cost routes.

What does LCR mean? Least Cost Routing

Least Cost Routing, service provided by telecom carriers to reduce call spend on outbound calls.

What does LLU mean? Local-loop Unbundling

Local-loop Unbundling is the process of allowing multiple telecommunications operators to use connections from the telephone exchange.

What does MOH mean? Music On Hold

Music On Hold, facility playing music to a caller' whilst they wait to be connected through an exchange.

What does NGN mean? Non-Geographic Number

Non-Geographic Number, the term refers to the 08/03 non-geographic number including UK 0800 numbers and free 0844 numbers rather than the 01/02 geographic number.

What does PBX mean? Private Branch Exchange

Private Branch Exchange, an exchange serving a particular organisation, connecting internal phones and externally to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

What does PSTN mean? Public Switched Telephone Network

Public Switched Telephone Network, which comprises the world's public telephone systems. Also referred to as the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), it provides the Internet's infrastructure.

What does PPM mean? Pence Per Minute

Pence Per Minute - this is the rate per minute paid for a telephone call.

What does QOS mean? Quality of Service

Quality of Service, facility for prioritising applications, data and users to provide a service level guarantee on a computer network.

What does SIP mean? Session Initiation Protocol

Session Initiation Protocol enables calls to be routed via the internet rather than a telephone network.

What does VolP mean? Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice Over Internet Protocol, standard governing voice transmission via the Internet.

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