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Telecoms Tips

Inbound Numbers

  • Choose the Inbound Number that best suits your business - there are many Inbound Numbers available to various businesses large and small. What's important is discovering how to get the best possible return on investment from yours. If you're looking to create a local presence for your vehicle servicing business for example, Virtual Numbers may be of interest to you so that customers are more inclined to call a local business. However, you may be a business looking to generate additional revenue, in which case Rebate 0844 and 0845 Numbers may suit you better. It's vital that your number matches your business goals. Read our 'Which is the best Inbound Number for my business' blog article for more information.

  • Use Local Numbers to analyse marketing success - Virtual Numbers (also known as Local 01/2 Numbers) can be placed into multiple marketing campaigns across the UK and reported on using Call Analytics. This means that if your business is advertising services on the radio, TV and the local press, you're able to assign a Virtual Number to each and report back on which marketing campaign has received the highest number of calls. Read our 'Measure marketing success with local number analytics' blog post for more information.

  • Save an average of 62% by porting your existing number to Telecoms World - It's often the case that businesses don't want to go through the hassle of changing their business number. At Telecoms World, our Number Porting process could not be any easier. Numbers are ported to our Tier-1 network completely FREE and within 30 days. Your business then achieves instant cost savings with an average of 62% per month compared to other leading providers.

Inbound Solutions

  • Identify incoming business calls on your mobile - If you're a smaller business or tradesman out on the road and answering business calls from your personal mobile, it's important to answer every business call professionally. For example, if you're expecting a call from a friend about the pub on Friday and then accidently answer a business call inappropriately, that's an easy way to lose business. Call Whisper is a simple and cost-effective way to identify the urgency of a call by informing you via announcement message that the call is business related - "this is a business call".

  • Display your business number from your personal mobile - Let's say you run a construction company and a business call arrives to you whilst surveying a project. You answer, advising the caller that you are unable to discuss the requirements at that time but will call them back ASAP. When you call the client back, you want to be sure of two things; your professional business number is displayed (potentially the number the client previously called), and your personal mobile number is kept private. Using the Dial Out Application, you can select the business number you wish to present when making the call. Read our 'How do I show my business phone number on my mobile phone' blog article for more information.

  • Combine Professional Recordings with your IVR and Call Queuing - Using Professional Recordings can make a significant difference to enhancing your brand image, therefore why not combine these with your Interactive Voice Response and Call Queuing! Utilising all three of these services together can slingshot your business into more sales, better customer satisfaction and business growth. See our 'Professional Voice Recordings to enhance your brand' blog post to learn more.


  • Boost your internet speeds with a business only connection - Did you know that Business Broadband only shares bandwidth with other businesses? This means that your broadband connection, reliability and speed is automatically heightened as you're never sharing bandwidth with residential lines.

  • Never suffer from a failed broadband connection - Disaster can strike when we least expect it, and businesses across the UK rely on their broadband to keep their business afloat. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your connection were to fail? Diverse Routing and Ethernet Backup provides an extra layer of protection, helping you to stay up and running should your main broadband connection fail. Read our 'How to protect your business from broadband disaster' blog article for more information.

  • Avoid delays in your new business connection - new internet connections can often be delayed or take longer than expected causing delays to your business launch dates, with staff readily available but no internet connection to work. For example, let’s say your business is awaiting a leased line planned to be installed in 2 days’ time. Your premise and employees are setup and ready to start work on Monday, but suddenly you’re informed by your network provider of a delay in your line installation. You now have no way of running your business and must wait a further 2 weeks to go live. Our Office in a Box solution provides your business with an instant internet connection using a fast 4G/5G connection. Read our 'Office in a Box - How to avoid delays in your new business connection' blog article for more information.


  • Avoid bill shock by sharing data across multiple business mobiles - With our Business SIM Only mobile plans, sharing data across multiple devices can help reduce your business costs and prevent bill shock. Each business SIM can pull data from the shared pool, so if one of your users uses a lot of data, you won't get charged out-of-rate data charges.

  • Bulk upgrade your business mobiles - If your business carries multiple devices, a Business SIM Only contract allows you to bulk upgrade your devices, reducing the hassle of upgrading each mobile individually and saving you precious business time and money.

Phone Systems

  • Upgrade your Microsoft Teams to make and receive business calls - If you're a small business using Microsoft Teams to communicate with your low number of staff members, you can now upgrade your Microsoft account to make and receive inbound and outbound calls using Teams. This removes the need to invest in a phone system bigger than required but still provides all the features found within a traditional PBX phone system. Read our 'Turn Microsoft Teams into your Business Phone System' blog article to learn more.

  • Prepare your business for the 2025 PSTN switch off - The end of the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is looming, and now is the time to seriously think about the change to cloud-based telephony. Our PhoneLine+ solution is the perfect, cost-effective replacement to the PSTN/ISDN. Transfer your existing number over to us and make and receive calls from a mobile, desktop soft-phone or traditional handset, giving your business more flexibility and control.

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