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Inbound Solutions

How do I retarget my number?

You can retarget your number by logging into the My Account section of our website and click onto 'Number Retarget'. You will then need to follow the simple online procedure. Please note there is a one off charge of £14.95 to make this change. If you have Smart Call Routing, Smart Call Routing Plus, IVR Auto Attendant, IVR Call Centre or IVR Agent Manager you are able to make a number retarget instantly by logging into the My Account area and selecting your plan.

How does Call Record work?

Many businesses look to record incoming calls for training and review purposes. So how does it work? As calls are made over a digital line, the sound file is tracked from the moment the call is answered, then stored at the end of the call. Call Record is extremely easy to manage with files either emailed to a selected address or stored in a secure dedicated folder online.

What is Vision?

Vision is our online call statistics system. Vision lets you analyse and evaluate the number of calls you receive to your 08 number(s), busy periods, missed calls, the geographic location of your callers and much more!

How long will my Smart Call Routing service take to be connected?

Smart Call Routing is normally connected within 24 hours, although we do quote 5 working days as a maximum connection time.

How do I access my call solution online?

You can access Smart Call Routing, Smart Call Routing Plus, IVR Auto Attendant, IVR Call Centre, IVR Agent Manager annd Vision call statistics via the My Account section. Clicking on the relevant heading will take you to the appropriate area to manage your call solution.

Can I record my own welcome, busy and out of hours messages?

If you have Smart Call Routing Plus with 'Configurable Announcement' then you can record the messages yourself. If you have IVR Auto Attendant, IVR Call Centre or IVR Agent Manager we get them recorded for you. If you would like to record them yourself in any case, please send the files to us in .wav format.

How long does it take to setup the fax to email service on my 08 number?

Configuration of our fax to email service on an 08 or 03 number can take up to 5 working days.

How do I change the address on my fax to email service?

Please email, there is a charge of £14.95 to do this and the change can take up to 5 working days.

How does Smart Call Routing Plus work?

Smart Call Routing Plus allows you to take control of all your inbound calls with one simple effective solution. Our inbound call management solution ensures that you don't miss a single call wherever you are, guaranteeing business efficiency and enhancing customer experience. You can personalise the system and even change where you want your calls diverted to, all via our simple web interface.

How does Voicemail to Email work?

Many of our call solutions include a built-in facility to capture calls that are unanswered, busy or out of hours. The caller will hear a generic message, asking them to leave their name and number. The recordings will be emailed to you as a sound file you can play back anytime using WMA or iTunes. 

Can I have my scripts re-recorded and how much does this cost?

Scripts can be re-recorded by emailing Customer Services with the new scripts, there is a charge of £15 per script (Intro, Options, Busy and Out of Hours) and £60 for all four scripts to be re-recorded.

How long will it take to setup call handling and call centre solutions?

Call handling solutions Smart Call Routing and Smart Call Routing Plus can take up to 5 working days to set up/complete. Call centre solutions IVR Auto Attendant, IVR Call Centre and IVR Agent Manager can take up to 10 working days to set up/complete.