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What are Virtual 01/02 numbers?

A Virtual Number, also referred to as a local or geographical number, is an inbound number with a local call prefix (such as 020 for London) that can be called at a local or national rate. Create a presence in any UK town or city by choosing a variety of “local” Virtual Numbers starting 01 (0161 for Manchester) or 02 (0203 for London).

What are non-geographic numbers?

Non-geographic numbers (NGN) are numbers that do not indicate your geographic location. Our NGN ranges consist of the following prefixes - 0800, 0808, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0871, 0300, 0303, 0333, 0344, 0345, 0370, 0371.

What are Business 03 Numbers?

Introduced in 2007, the 03 Number range that was launched by Ofcom and is charged at the same rate as an 01 or 02 local number. The local rate charge is applicable if the call is made from a UK landline and becomes a free call from a mobile phone (using an inclusive minutes bundle). Unlike traditional landline phone numbers, 03 numbers are not linked with specific geographic locations. 03 Business Numbers range from 0333 Numbers0370 Numbers, and 0345 Numbers.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, non-geographic numbers sit on top of your existing landline or mobile number.

Can I route incoming calls to a mobile?

Yes, you can. Our call management tool allows you to route incoming calls to any UK 07 mobile number. Routing calls through to mobile will incur additional costs. View our dedicated Business SIM Only Mobile tariffs for more information.

What additional costs can I expect when routing to a mobile?

Routing incoming calls to mobile are charged at pence per minute rate. The pence per minute call costs start from 7 p/min to 9p/min. This depends on the non-geographic number.

How long will my non-geographic number take to be connected?

We aim to connect non-geographic numbers within 1 to 2 working days. As soon as your services are connected, our Customer Services department will email you to let you know.

How can I add optional call solutions to my existing non-geographic number?

By viewing our optional extras page, you can choose and select solutions to manage incoming calls. Select the call features you wish to add to your account.

Can I point my non-geographic number to my Skype phone?

If your Skype number starts 01 or 02, we can route calls from your NGN to your Skype phone.

What are the peak and off-peak rebate time zones?

Revenue share 0844 Numbers and 0871 Numbers produce a rebate. Peak rebate hours are from 8 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday and off-peak hours fall outside of Monday to Friday.

How many concurrent calls can I receive on my 08 number?

You can receive as many calls at any given time, although this will depend on how many phone lines you have installed within your premises.

What’s the cost of a 0800 number?

Calls made to 0800 Numbers from a UK landline are free of charge.

Is a UK 0800 number free to call from abroad?

No, the caller will be charged an international rate which is provided by their supplier abroad. The Freephone 0800 range is free to call from a UK landline.

How to call a 08 number from overseas?

When calling a 08 number from abroad, you are required to drop the leading 0. For example +44800 043 0800 or 0044800 043 0800

Can I keep my number once I have ported it to Telecoms World?

Yes. The number is yours until you wish to cancel your contract.

How long would it take to port my number to Telecoms World?

Porting your 08 or 03 number to Telecoms World will take up to 30 working days. There is a simple step-by-step guide on our Number Porting page.

When porting my number, will there be any disruptions/downtime?

There will not be any downtime when porting your number to Telecoms World. Your business landline will not be disrupted at all, and the ported number will be active as soon as it is transferred.

What are International Numbers?

Businesses looking to create a global brand presence or appear to have an operation in a specific town, city or country will look to use an International Phone Number. These numbers are used to promote the business service in the chosen country with incoming calls routed to a chosen telephone line which is often the main headquarters for the business, located in an entirely different country itself.

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